#myKORA Sophia

#myKORA Sophia

We’re learning what makes each of our #myKORA women unique—this month Sophia shares her travel tips and triggers for happiness!
First Name: Sophia
Age: 27
Location: NYC

What does clean-living mean to you?

Clean-living to me means having a holistic lifestyle that encompasses everything from beauty to diet to keeping an active lifestyle.

What is your beauty routine?

My beauty routine varies between the summer vs. the winter, morning vs. night and when I’m traveling vs. when I’m home. In the summer, I focus on lighter skin products to let the skin breathe easier. In the winter, I layer up on the Noni Glow Face Oil, a serum, and moisturizer. In the mornings, I wash my face with a lighter cleanser or use Bioderma, at night I focus on the sensitive areas such as under my eyes. When I travel, depending on the weather and how humid a place is— I tend to use less products and hydrate more so my skin can adapt to the local water and climate there naturally.

Imaginative ways you use our products? 

I use the Noni Glow Body Balm as a three in one while traveling: as a body lotion, for dry spots (also great for razor burns!), and to tame frizz away hairs by running through a little in the palm first.

What or who makes you happy?

Myself! I truly believe we are our own sole determinants of happiness and our quest for happiness should not be reliant on anyone or anything in particular. And once I accepted this, moments/people who brought joy to my life were all the more sweeter. Moments including watching the sunset from an airplane (which I am experiencing right now as I type this en route to Paris!), acting like free-spirited kids with my family, reuniting with long last friends across the world are just a few of my happy triggers.

Your favorite essential oil?

Doterra On Guard! I travel with this little guy everywhere… it helps with preventing sickness and keeping my immune system in tack. I take one drop topically if I’m really feeling under the weather and it always brings me back to life. I’m that person that loves getting strangers to try it too once they ask what that alluring smell is.

Is meditation your thing?

Totally— and meditation can be everyone’s thing. I’m an avid believer in the beneficial effects of meditating on both a micro and macro level. On a micro level, I find that I have better control of my thoughts and fleeting emotions/stress factors on a day to day basis. On a macro level, meditation is rewiring my brain chemistry for the long run so I’m a more conscious, present being, beyond just the days.

Yoga or Pilates, or none?

Both! Although if I had to pick, it would be yoga. I practice yoga for so many reasons but something that I recently learned is that it helps me tap into my feminine energy. In New York, I tend to carry a masculine, type-A energy and it’s harder to switch to my feminine energy so yoga helps me tap into this other side.

Your go-to dinner party recipe?

Before I stopped eating meat, my go-to would be melon wrapped in prosciutto as an appetizer. Now in the summer, I love making a fresh guacamole or salsa spread (secret ingredient: mango).

Favorite Instagram account and why?

As a storyteller, I really love what @greatbigstory is doing by humanizing media and news reporting.

Cherished Vacation spot?

Anywhere with good surf and good company! Warm waters and soft waves is another happiness trigger. Recently visited Tel Aviv and the best surprise there was that you can surf the Mediterranean Sea right on the beachside of the city. I got stung by a jellyfish but it was so worth it.

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