#myKORA – Ericka Verrett

#myKORA – Ericka Verrett

We love to learn what makes each of our #myKORA women unique – This month Ericka shares some of her health and well-being practices, and different ways she uses her KORA Organics products.

First name: Ericka
Age: 38
Location: Los Angeles 

Can you describe your lifestyle? 

I would describe my lifestyle as active. Whether it be physical activity, or actively seeking out adventure, I always seem to be in hot pursuit. We are a family of five and individually have our own extracurricular activities outside of our home life, so it’s important that we stay organized, proactive, and balance that with ease. I like to incorporate Miranda’s rule of 80/20 into our lifestyle.

How important is wellness to you?

More than ever, I find myself striving for a healthier lifestyle in every aspect of my life. Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual, I’ve learned to really honor those parts of my life and treat health as a ‘lifestyle’. It’s for the betterment of myself, and those whom I share my space with… Family, friends, work relationships, etc. 

Who or what inspires you?

Lately I’ve been very inspired by people living an eco-friendlier lifestyle. It’s so inspiring surrounding yourself with people who are knowledgeable and hip to the eco/non toxic/sustainability movement. More and more I find myself making daily life changes and seeking more knowledge to live a conscious/intention filled lifestyle. 

Favorite Instagram account and why?

Hmmm… Not sure that I have a favorite, but accounts with people’s babies, cats, or a great beauty account always keeps my attention for quite some time. 

Your favorite scent?

Rose, rose, rose… Gets me every time! 

Yoga or Pilates, or none?

Definitely a Pilates REFORMER gal. I tried mat Pilates once and couldn’t cut it. I love a reformer because I love the idea of being able to go at my own pace and listen to my body. It’s feels very relaxing for me. I didn’t exercise for years because it always felt like an exhaustive chore. I feel blessed to have found Pilates. 

Your chosen breakfast?

Chia seed pudding made with vanilla macadamia nut milk, cinnamon, sunflower seed butter and coconut flakes to top it off!

Your way to spend a weekend?

A dream weekend these days is at home with my family (and no one have any extracurricular ulnar activities to interrupt our time.) Maybe we get a bite to eat, or just chill together in the same room, yet doing separate things. I love to be able to physically put food in their bodies that my husband and I make together. I also love it when we can all sleep in! 

How & when do you apply the face oil?

I apply the Noni Glow Face Oil morning, noon, AND night. In the AM I apply it mixed with the Soothing Moisturizer. Throughout the day, I like to mist and press the oil into the apples of my cheeks for a re-glow “refresher”, and in the evening I use it over the top of my moisturizer.

Imaginative ways you use our products?

I like the use the Noni Glow Face Balm and as eyebrow pomade, as it looks more natural than a stiff brow gel.
My all-time favorite is using the Noni Glow Body Oil very lightly in the ends of dry hair.

Ericka xx

Ericka Verrett is a hairstylist attuned to A-list fashion photography and red-carpet looks. She has worked with some of the most elite names yet her style is simple and she honors down-to-earth hair routines above all.


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