Moon Phases And Our Sleep
Updated on 4th December 2020 at 8:20 am

Moon Phases And Our Sleep

Many of us tend to feel restless during the new moon and full moon phases. We may even experience heightened emotions and a sense of intensity during these times. Our sleep patterns can become disrupted as a result of feeling extra sensitive or emotional.

If you’re reading this and saying yes this is what happens to me! Intuitive healer, Onkar Ryan, has included some antidotes that can help ease any restlessness you may experience during these moon phases.

First, lets take a look at what is actually happening in nature.

The Earth is made up of about 80 % water. The moons gravitational pull affects the earth and we see this in the rise and fall of the ocean tides.  Our physical bodies are made up of 80% water which causes the tides within us, on a new or full moon, to rise as well.

When we experience the rise of the water element within us, it causes our emotions to rise to the surface.  When heightened feelings arise, we can experience worry, anxiety, a racing mind, an overflow of thoughts and feelings, as well as, a restless body. When these symptoms occur it affects our sleep.

Below are 3 highly effective tools that can help you achieve a deeper sense of self awareness and reclaim restful sleep during these moon phases.

1. Meditation: 
Meditation clears the subconscious mind. We can associate the subconscious mind like a very cluttered refrigerator. It contains all your old worries, concerns and fears.  A mixture of experiences and thoughts can stir up emotions.  Most of us are guilty at one time or another “Thinking” oh I’ll clean out the fridge next week and so on.  It begins to pile up… so when we experience a new or full moon all of that junk and clutter comes to the surface.
The Antidote:
When we meditate we begin to clear out the old doubts, fears and experiences which have disturbed us in the past allowing us to clear the pathway for new beginnings. The benefits are tremendous when we meditate during these moon phases and will help you remain in your heart feeling calm and grounded.  In return, it gives us more relaxation which equals more sleep.

2. Water:
Be in water on the moon phases. Take a warm bath, go swimming at the pool or jump in the ocean.  You will be surprised at how the water will soothe heightened emotions and clear the physical body of stress or tightness.

3. Cleanse:
Eat Light with fresh food and vegetables on these days.  In most yogic traditions, it is said to cleanse the body on lunar phases.  There are many different cleanses you can do for 24 hours surrounded by the belief that cleansing the body on these auspicious times of the month can greatly increase the healing of the mindbody .

I encourage you to keep track of the New moon and the Full moon cycles each month and incorporate these practices at least a few days in advance so that you feel grounded, steady and calm. You are more connected to mother nature then you think. If you decide to go with nature’s flow and allow yourself to feel supported, you maybe pleasantly surprised at how good and balanced you can feel.

Onkar xxx


Onkar is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, and meditative healer. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, since 2006 and began teaching in the summer of 2008. She has lived in Alabama, Colorado and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Onkar’s classes focus on the deep healing of the self through meditation, breath, yoga, mantra, and relaxation.


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