Miranda’s Top 5 Travel Tips

Miranda’s Top 5 Travel Tips

Updated on 26th May 2022 at 11:49 pm

The holiday season is to be savored, enjoyed and cherished, yet to do that we often need to take time to breathe, ground and remember our focus. The same can be said for travelling. When we are prepared for travel, we can overcome any challenge that may come our way.

Miranda is always prepared, and always on the go. She shares with us her Top 5 Tips Travel Tips to make sure you are not going to be caught out this holiday season!

1. Don’t leave your beauty routine at home. “Maintain your regular beauty routine and save space by taking travel sized versions of your favorite products to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing.”

2. Stay hydrated. “Carry a bottle of water with you as it’s important to stay well-hydrated when traveling or out and about.”

3. Pack your own snacks. “Remember your favorite healthy snacks and supplements to stay energized.”

4. Carry on your essentials. “Pack essentials in your carry-on, in case your luggage goes missing.”

5.  Live in the now. “Be in the moment. Sometimes we put so much energy into taking photos that we forget to take in the beauty and enjoy the moment.”

Miranda is also an avid reader, usually reading several books at once. Often found in her bag is Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

The Soul of Rumi by Coleman Marks is another of her must-have travel books. A collection of romantic poems by the 13th-century mystical poet, Rumi.

She always travels with a David Hawkins book, with the choice of either Power Vs. Force or Truth Vs. Falsehood. Also in her travel bag is Mindfulness on the Go, by Jan Chozen Bays. As it’s a compact book of simple meditation practices, that can be done anywhere!
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