Miranda’s Soothing Self-Care Essentials

Miranda’s Soothing Self-Care Essentials

Self-care is so important to me because when we take good care of ourselves, we can then give so much more back to everyone around us. 

These are some tools and tips that have really helped me in my life, and I’m really hopeful that you’ll find some benefits in them too!

One of the ways I like to nurture myself is by having a simple cup of tea. I love having hot water with fresh thyme. It’s special to me have it in my Royal Albert mugs. I designed these for Royal Albert, and they bring me so much joy.

Something that I love to do for self-care is crystal sound therapy. I absolutely love rose quartz crystals for this. What you do is use the tuning fork on the rose quartz crystal. It helps to reset and clear the space.

Another one of my favorite things to do, that I do every morning, is dry body brush. I start at my toes, and I drive the brush all the way up my body. It really stimulates circulation and gets your lymphatic system moving.

An obsession of mine is our Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil. It’s a two in one: a cleanser and a makeup remover. It has Silver Ear Mushroom which is a very special ingredient that is a natural alternative to Hyaluronic Acid. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

I have been using aromatherapy and essential oils for many years. A new blend I am loving is an essential oil blend by Organic Aromas, and it has Sage, Moroccan Camomile and Bergamot and it really smells so good. I love to use it in in a large diffuser throughout my home.

I love having the benefits of aromatherapy throughout the day. And I hope you to do too.

Take care of yourself.

Much love,

Miranda x


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