Miranda’s Nighttime Routine

Miranda’s Nighttime Routine

Like many parents, our evenings can be quite colourful and chaotic… between dinner, baths, brushing teeth, reading and getting all three boys tucked in and asleep, but here’s a little insight into my routine that I try to follow each evening.


Family dinner of an evening is a really special time for us. Usually, pre-COVID I would have dinner with the boys at around 5pm, and then have a second dinner with Evan when he got home from work. At the moment, a silver lining of this situation is that we’ve all been enjoying dinner together as a family. 

Before we start eating, we like to all hold hands around the table and give thanks for the food, for our health, for all those working on the front line in essential and medical services, and we pray for the world to heal. We’ll then talk and connect about our day. 

My Mum is here in isolation with us, so it’s been lovely to share lots of time and family dinners with her too – she is such a wonderful cook!

Miranda Kerr Cooking Kitchen Shot by Tristan Kallas
Image by Tristan Kallas for Coveteur


I bathe the boys together and use the KORA Organics Body Wash on them, followed by the Body Lotion combined with a few drops of the Noni Glow Body Oil – this keeps their skin hydrated and healthy. Hart’s skin is more sensitive and a little drier, so I also use the Body Balm on him where needed, on any dry patches he may have.

Once in their pyjamas, I’ll take Myles with me into Hart’s room and read him a story. He loves books! All of my kids do. Flynn will start to read by himself, but then I’ll join him after I’ve tucked Hart and Myles in, and we’ll read a chapter or two together. He also loves to join in reading to his brothers. I then put Myles down and tuck Flynn in. Even though it can be quite chaotic, I cherish these moments as I know they won’t last forever.

KORA Organics Essential Body Wash in Bath
KORA Organics Essential Body Wash Goop


After a busy day at home taking care of the house – cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and the kids – breastfeeding, home-schooling, activities, reading, more activities, more cooking, and fitting in conference calls/workaround my family’s needs, my night skincare routine is a time I really value as it helps me unwind and relax after a busy day.

I use a headband to keep my hair away from my face and then double cleanse using the Cream Cleanser. It’s a nourishing and soothing cleanser as it contains Aloe Vera, Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oil.

I then use the Calming Lavender Mist (I also spritz this on my pillow before going to sleep) and apply 1-2 pumps of our new Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum, a powerful certified organic night treatment that uses natural AHAs, BHA and ferments to resurface your skin and increase cellular turnover whilst you sleep. I experienced pigmentation from all my three of my pregnancies and this serum has been a saviour for my skin. My pores are also noticeably smaller, and my skin feels super smooth!

I then apply the Noni Radiant Eye Oil and the Soothing Moisturizer mixed with a few drops of Noni Glow Face Oil and apply over my face, neck and décolletage.

Miranda Kerr Best Night Skincare Routine

Over the top of this, I apply the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask, it’s a multitasking overnight face mask that’s more hydrating and restorative than a regular night cream. It contains Silver Ear Mushroom, Coconut Milk, Caviar Lime, Kakadu Plum and natural hyaluronic acid, which really plumps the skin, softens fine lines, reduces redness and inflammation, improves cell renewal, tone and texture and boosts radiance and luminosity. I use it as the last step in my routine before I go to bed and there’s no need to wash it off until the morning, because it dries as a translucent veil, it locks in the moisture and won’t rub off on your pillow!

I know it might sound like a lot, but all the steps are super quick and simple, and the results are worth it! The combination of these products is the best overnight treatment. With 3 boys (two under two) I get very little sleep, but my skin has never felt or looked better.


If I have time, I have a little bath ritual I like to do when the boys are in bed asleep where I dim the lights in my bathroom and light a few candles, burn Palo Santo to clear the space and play some calming music (I love Snatam Kaur). I create a little sanctuary, almost like my own little mini retreat…this helps me relax and unwind for a good night’s sleep, but also recharge for the day to come.

KORA Organics Energy Clearing Kit


Once the kids are all in bed Evan and I like to take some time, just the two of us. We catch up on each other’s day and wind down together.

Then before bed, I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea and do a short mediation. This really helps me get fall asleep more quickly.

Sleep is so important to our overall health and wellbeing as it’s when our bodies naturally rest and repair on a cellular level. Getting those magic seven-eight hours each night is important to help our skin and bodies recharge for the next day.

The last step in my routine is to spritz my pillow with the Calming Lavender Mist and then get in to bed for a good night’s sleep ahead. I also turn off the wifi and put my phone on flight mode.

Sweet dreams,
Miranda xxx


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  1. Tracey

    Loved reading the steps of how you apply your products…
    I would like to read how to apply where and when for the gradual sun tan lotion I just bought… even a tutorial.
    Thank you for these natural products!!
    Be safe


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