Miranda’s Nighttime Beauty Secrets

Miranda’s Nighttime Beauty Secrets

Updated on 21st May 2022 at 4:54 am

This week Miranda took to Instagram to share her evening skincare routine and answer questions from a few of her followers, revealing some of her nighttime beauty & wellness secrets.

Q.  What is something in your routine that helps you unwind and get a better sleep?

Miranda: Definitely massage. It definitely helps, giving yourself a little self massage, you can do all your pressure points, on your head and behind your ears.

I also love to do a meditation. I have learnt TM meditation and also Kriya yoga meditation, and that’s something that’s really helped me in my life.

Headspace has just launched on Snapchat, you can go and try some mini Headspace meditations via Snapchat which is really cool. You can send a picture of yourself meditating on Snap to one of your friends. Evan and I have been doing it to each other quite a lot because we both like to meditate and this was something that we thought was pretty cool.

Also, taking a bath before bed. I love to have a nice relaxing bath and I like to put crystals in the bath, rose quartz crystals I really love. These are available on the KORA Organics page, on Miranda Loves, as well as my Energy Clearing Ritual kit, which includes a little candle. Lighting a candle is a really great ritual to get into. I love diming the lights, lighting a candle or burning palo santo.

A great friend of mine, Holly Star, she has a candle that she makes that I really love. They come with a little message, explaining that the candles are hand poured and what it includes. These are available on Miranda Loves.

In my bath, I add The Martini emotional detox bath soak, it has pink sea salt in there, epson salts, passion flower, it’s a really good one. I also like to put in sea salt and baking soda.

Miranda Loves "Love" Candle by Matter & Home

Q. How does your routine change the night before a shoot?

Miranda:  Well, honestly I’m pretty religious with my routine morning and night and I feel like it’s the key to glowing skin. Making sure that you take care of your skin, it doesn’t take that long to cleanse, mist and moisturize and then you put the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask on and you wake up and your skin is glowing. 

Q. What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed?

Miranda: I kiss my husband! But before that I put the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask, it locks in all the moisture and I also turn my phone on aeroplane mode to shut off. I sleep with a sleeping mask over my eyes, it’s one of those ones that has the bra cups. I love that because it lets my eyes still flicker when I’m going through the REM sleep, and your eyes are still moving. It doesn’t disrupt that, but blocks out any the light. Its more of a habit than anything else, from all my years of travelling. I also use ear plugs and I have the baby monitors next to the bed. I turn them up loud so I can hear them. It’s a comfort thing to sleep with ear plugs, because for many years I lived and had to sleep a lot on an aeroplane, and so my routine would be to get on the plane and put my ear plugs in and eye mask on and just zone out, so I’m in that habit from many years of having to do that.

One other thing I’ve been doing lately, which I think is really cool, and I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but Kourtney Kardashian sent me this light mask to put on your face and it helps everything. If you put a serum on, one light helps with acne/pimples, one for pigmentation, and one for letting serums soak in even more. Something fun I’ve been doing!

Q. What do you use to kill a pimple overnight?

Miranda: Well I personally use a little Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil. Lavender Oil or Tea Tree Oil on your pimple really helps zap it. The Noni Night Serum is really good for pimples! I then put the Noni Glow Face Oil on top. So I do the serum, then face oil, and then i’ll do a little bit of Tea Tree Oil mixed with Lavender Oil on a q-tip.
KORA Organics Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum Bedside

Q. What do you eat or drink before bed?

Miranda: If I get hungry before bed I’ll have an apple or sometimes a banana, I’m really into bananas lately. I love to have a Lemon Balm Tea with honey. The Lemon Balm Tea that I like is Traditional Medicinals. It’s organic Lemon Balm. It’s very relaxing, its also good for indigestion. I Iove to drink out of my little tea cups that I made for Royal Albert. They just make me really happy because they have peonies and butterflies on them. We also sell these on koraorganics.com on the Miranda Loves page.

Also before going to sleep I have been lately taking one melatonin. This is really great for occasional sleeplessness. It helps your natural melatonin levels. I love that.

Watch the full and more in-depth video of Miranda answering your wellness questions below.




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  1. Kimberly Nicholson

    Hello… I use prescription Retin A on my skin at night. Can I use the night time serum over that? I use the Noni Oil and the sleep mask every night and I love it. I use the Vitamin C serum and the oil in the morning, so I know my skin tolerates the products well. I love all your products, and I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin!


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