Miranda’s In-flight Skincare essentials

Miranda’s In-flight Skincare essentials

Travelling for work can take a harsh toll on your skin with air conditioned cabins causing your skin to become dehydrated. Here I share my in-flight skincare essentials to ensure you land looking fresh and glowing. First I remove my make up with KORA Organics KORA Organics Cream Cleanser to gently remove all the dirt and grime while at the same time nourishing the skin. I then apply KORA Organics Hydrating Mask to clean, rehydrate and invigorate my complexion. Spritzing my face during the flight with either my KORA Organics Balancing Rose Mist or KORA Organics Calming Lavender Mist to balance the pH level in my skin while also soothing and hydrating. Next is an added boost of hydration with the KORA Organics Luxurious Rosehip Oil, a powerful treatment oil which is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to deeply moisturise and protect my skin. An eye cream is essential to prevent you from looking tired just in case you didn’t get that much-needed beauty sleep. Applying the KORA Organics Recovery Eye Gel Cream which contains Aloe Vera will help to assist to cool and soothe, tired puffy eyes. Don’t forget to hydrate your hands with the KORA Organics Daily Hand Cream Some other things I carry on board with me include a silk eye mask to ensure I get some beauty sleep while I’m on the flight, a scarf so you can add a few layers or take it off so you can be flexible adjusting to the temperature. I also remember to hydrate from within by drinking lots of water and herbal teas. Just before I touch down I will spritz my face with KORA Organics Energising Citrus Mist to brighten my complexion and just to give me that boost of energy by taking in the aroma of the citrus scents, I’ll apply KORA Organics Tinted Day Cream as it’s a lighter alternative to foundation, and then apply KORA Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm to my lips. It’s a lot of work, but it ensures I disembark looking and feeling fresh. I wish everyone safe travels when you embark on your next adventure. Much love Miranda xxx

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  1. Kristina

    I was wondering if you would ever consider creating an oil-free tinted day cream, or add a selection of shades? Love Miranda and Kora products!


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