Miranda’s First Five & Last Five Activities

Miranda’s First Five & Last Five Activities

Miranda talks through the first five & last five activities of her day with Allure—from giving thanks to unwinding with fresh thyme tea.

We thought you might also like to know how she starts and finishes her day!


I wake at 5:30 am so I’ve got about 45 minutes to an hour before my three little kids wake up. I use that first time in the morning as a little bit of a ritual to take care of myself.


I do a meditation when I first wake up. Being a busy mother and running my own company it really sets the tone for the rest of the day.

As I’ve been meditating since I was 18 years old, it’s something that I have relied on for many years. It creates space to be present and in the moment which to me is what life is all about.

When I am in the present moment, I can dig deeper into myself and get closer to my spirit.

I feel it is important to be like a willow tree. Many people think being an oak tree is stronger, yet in a storm, being that rigidness is what causes limbs to break. The willow tree, in a storm, bends with the wind and the rain; it’s very flexible.

I like to remind myself, and my team, that it’s important to be flexible and go with the flow—and I find daily meditation helps with this.

Connect to Nature & Give Thanks

I’ve been very connected to nature since I was a little girl, and so the second thing I like to do in the morning is open my blinds and the windows, and stand on my balcony and give thanks for the day ahead.

I like to put my hands up to feel the warmth of the sunshine in my hands. I imagine the sun filling up through my body with every cell being filled with light. I can then feel the energy of the sun uplifting me. Even if it’s just a minute or two it really makes a big difference for setting the tone of my day in a positive way.

If it’s raining, I like to share gratitude for the rain and say thanks for the water that is nourishing our garden. I like to be thankful for all of the elements of nature.

Dry Body Brush

I then like to dry body brush to get my circulation going.

I brush in upward strokes as it stimulates blood flow and wakes up my body. It is also a way to detoxify my system first thing. I start at my ankles and brush up towards and around the heart.

I’ve been dry body brushing since I was 21, right before I hop in the shower. It feels very uplifting to me.


I then enjoy my shower. I love using the Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask as a scrub each morning. It contains Peppermint, Aspen Bark and Papaya Enzymes for exfoliation as well as physical exfoliation with Rosehip Seeds and crushed Quartz.

I love Turmeric because it’s anti-inflammatory! It’s also great for helping my pigmentation and to brighten my skin. My skin always feels super fresh after the scrub has removed dead skin cells.

I then use the Noni Glow Face Oil to put the nutrients back into my skin. I use this morning and night as it gives my skin the natural glow that you see with beautiful glowing skin.

This is a really uplifting part of my day and I always feel energized and invigorated after.

Celery Juice

I do not go without my celery juice each morning.

I make it from fresh celery from the organic farmer’s market. It’s alkalizing and full of electrolytes. I like to drink 32 ounces as it’s great for energy levels. It has been great for my skin too as it’s super hydrating.

My whole family is now drinking the juice. At first my husband was a little sceptical, but he now drinks it every morning, and we drink it as a family.

Miranda's First Five & Last Five


I am a mother of three boys and after a busy day of work, I do my little evening routine after I get the kids to bed and while Evan works out.

Ballet Beautiful Work Out

At 6:45pm each day, I have an appointment set with Mary Helen who shares Ballet Beautiful with me online.

She’s also a mum of three girls. Her children are asleep while my children are asleep, and it is nice to have that time to work out without feeling guilty.

It’s good for me to take time for myself and get my booty back in shape!


I love to light a candle and take a bath each night. I also burn a little Palo Santo too while I unwind.

I use a pound of sea salt and a pound of baking soda and add a few drops of lavender or sandalwood oil in the water. I also put a few crystals in there too, like Rose Quartz, and relax to the sounds of Snatam Kaur. Her music feels very nurturing and relaxing to me.

Thyme Tea

We get fresh thyme from the farmer’s market as well, and I like to make a little tea with it. I add a few springs in a cup and pour in hot water and let the thyme soak in. I also add a teaspoon of honey.

Thyme tea is very relaxing, yet if I don’t have the fresh thyme leaves, I will have a lemon balm tea instead.

Sleeping Mask

I keep the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask next to my bed and I put it on every night as the last step in my routine.

It locks Hyaluronic Acid into my skin at night to restore my skin. This product is my lifesaver and it’s really helped my skin—my skin has never looked better.

I will always make time for this mask, as it does the magic for you while you’re sleeping. And it doesn’t run off on my pillow either!

Phone in Flight Mode

Every night I put my phone on airplane mode. It’s a really great way to just disconnect!

I have an international business and sometimes it’s hard for me to not to respond because my business is like my fourth child. It’s like my little girl! Sometimes it’s hard to disconnect but by putting my phone on airplane mode it means if I wake up in the middle of the night, I will not check my phone for emails.


And that’s it, thank you so much for learning about my first five and last five activities of my day!

Much love,

Miranda xxx


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