Miranda’s Favorite Wellness Activities

Miranda’s Favorite Wellness Activities

Updated on 29th August 2023 at 1:29 pm

Miranda loves to move—and as our queen of self-care—she has an array of creative and enjoyable ways to boost energy levels and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

We revel in the ways our inspiring female facilitators embrace mental and physical wellness with joy. So much so, we thought it was time to revisit some of their chosen workouts, rituals and fun wellness activities.

Whether it is a yoga class, mindfulness moments in the fresh air, or fun fitness classes—we’ve shared some wellness activities for reduced stress, personal growth and to create healthy habits for your mental and physical health.

Read on to make a positive impact and DIY wellness program while having fun!

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Kundalini Yoga  | Mental Health

Miranda has long-loved Kundalini Yoga for the peace and joy it brings—as well as the ability to create deeper connection, remain calm, and find balance despite what is going on around her.

Long referred to as the Yoga of Awareness, the practice of Kundalini Yoga offers a deeper form of meditation and connection, rather than just physical activity. It offers a different kind of movement made up of breathing techniques, meditation and the chanting of mantras.

With Miranda as our KORA workplace wellness yoga instructor, we love this practice from Yogi Bhajan on body adjustment to release stress and for its many health benefits. She shares this practice with her husband weekly, to connect, refresh and revitalize.

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities
Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Dance & Movement Meditation | Physical and Mental Health

Sarah Shell enjoys dancing and movement meditation as free-flow play for the mind, body and spirit.

We love the fact that half an hour of dance movement can burn up to 300 calories! All while boosting cardiovascular health, reducing blood pressure, increasing stamina, and strengthening the immune system, bones and muscles.

The effects of dancing for mind and soul are just as important. It is an instant joy-giver that flexes the creativity muscle. An endorphin giver and fun therapeutic tool to release stress and anxiety, and motivate improved sleep quality. It’s a fun way to expel energy and unwind into the evening for a restful sleep.

You do not need to be a dancer either. Movement is innate and intuitively led. Sarah shares the benefits of dance and how to follow our inner calling to release, express and dance like no one is watching!

We adore dancing to fuse mind, body and spirit for a fresh take on life—we think you will love it.

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities
Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Pilates  | Physical Health

Miranda has long been a lover of Pilates, often wearing our Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask at the same time. We love Pilates to reduce stress for the mind, and the body.

We have several Pilates facilitators that share their joy with us. We’re reminded of how Jacqui Kingswell believes that “Pilates is one of the most transformative practices you can do for your body—and to create sustainable and lasting change.”

Taking time on the mat to devote to self-care is key! Jacqui talks us through the five elements that create a thriving and loving daily Pilates practice: breathing, stretching, strength, connection and listening to your body.

We’re always inspired by how Sarah Shell maintains her practice being a practitioner and a mother. We often use her Pilates-On-The-Go workout to get our daily fix while juggling our to-do lists.

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities
Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Wellness Workouts | Corporate Wellness Programs We Adore!

Miranda and longtime friend and trainer, Megan Roup, have collaborated on a physical workout called the The Feel Good Program—and it’s quite burn!

As the The Sculpt Society founder, Megan offers a host of low impact yet high physical fitness challenges, all under 20 minutes to fit your busy schedule.

We adore the The Feel Good Program as it’s a 2-week workout challenge with 14 streamlined workouts to elevate body care and diminish stress and anxiety. Megan designed it to help you be the healthiest version of yourself inside and out—which we love.

It’s one for a sweatband, and one our team members love to get their burn on weekly!

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities
Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Ballet Burn Workout | Physical Health

Ballet is a graceful and powerful art form and one of Miranda’s most inspiring wellness ideas.

Mary Helen Bowers, a professional ballet dancer, walks us through Miranda’s favorite Ballet Beautiful moves for getting the body moving, and to be runway ready. These three easy moves tighten and transform the butt and thighs—with no dance experience needed at all. We love this!

This Full Body Supermodel Workout  is one of our go-to’s for at home posture training and stretching, with an elegant workout that burns in a good way.

Try to reach for this booty lift several times a week between mundane tasks purely for the way it makes you feel.

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Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Body Love Meditation | Mental Health

Tamarin Oblowitz, like Miranda and our team, loves Rose Quartz as it’s a beautifully potent balancing crystal for the heart chakra to restore energy flow!

As the crystal for self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, it helps to ignite our hearts to find inner balance over the outside world. It’s also a beautiful soothing choice to meditate with, while being powerful at the same time.

We revisit Tamarin’s Body Love Meditation regularly—especially on days that call for more self-love.

As queen of mental wellness initiatives, Tamarin has some amazing art therapy, journalling and wellness tools to find your centre and release stress levels when vexed.

Miranda's Favorite Wellness Activities

Make Time For Yourself

As the seasons are again changing, so too is the ability to readjust and take time out for self.

Miranda has long shared the sentiment that it’s important to take time out for your self first, so you can show up better in the world.

Try to embrace well being, every day. 

We know the value of consuming healthy food and love Chef Kate’s nutrition-made-easy cooking classes. As well as a seasonal nutrition challenge to cleanse safely.

Try walking meetings in nature, rise to sweaty and fun fitness challenges which can contribute to a happy and positive work environment.

We hope you find joy, relieve stress and revel in these wellness activities.

With love,

KORA Organics


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