Miranda Kerr on Anti Aging Skincare & Motherhood

Miranda Kerr on Anti Aging Skincare & Motherhood

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 6:34 am

We revere our inspiring founder and CEO, Miranda, and this week, celebrate her 40th birthday.  

This lovely watch is a celebration of age, as Miranda reflects on the influences that have shaped her life as she moves into another decade. As well as how she is looking forward to “evolving as a mom, as a wife, as a businesswoman.” 

On Motherhood 

Miranda shares that “life is incredibly precious,” and she feels being a mother has been the most rewarding experience of her life. 

“I just love seeing my boys grow up and experiencing the world through their eyes, and I’m excited to see the adventures that they have ahead of them.”  

Miranda reflects on her first-time mom nerves while pregnant with her first son, Flynn. “I was quite nervous about bringing this little life into the world.” Furthering how she felt “more relaxed and empowered,” with her younger boys, Hart and Miles. 

“I really try my best to be patient, kind and nurturing. Being a mother has taught me that I’m capable of more than I ever thought I was capable of. More love, more patience, more resilience and I learn so much from them every day.” – Miranda  

A sentiment we cherish. 

On Being An Entrepreneur 

With fast-paced days as an innovative female founder and CEO—we could not be more inspired by how entrepreneurial-minded Miranda leads us a team: “I’ve learned to not be afraid to ask questions. It’s really empowering when you can ask someone for help.” 

Miranda also explains that over the years she has learned to “trust her gut.” Knowing how to kindly refuse opportunities that feel misaligned to her path. 

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On Advice To Her Younger Self 

We love that Miranda is forever growing and evolving, and as she does, so does KORA Organics. She believes this stems from having a flexible mind. 

“I have this philosophy; we should all try and be like a willow tree.” 

Miranda often calls on the metaphor of the flexible willow tree vs. the rigid oak tree as to adapt in life, instead of being rigid. 

“The oak tree is more likely to break in a storm because of its rigidity, and the willow tree is more flexible and bends with the wind. So, I try to be like a willow tree!” She adds. 

Certified Organic Skincare KORA Organics

Miranda goes on to say that “beauty is so much more than skin deep.” Inspired by her late grandmother who had a sparkle in her eye and lit up the room as “her heart was shining so brightly.”  

“Being present, being kind and leading from the heart,” is of great importance to Miranda.  

She finishes by saying, that she hopes she can “be the heart” of her family, as her grandma was the heart of hers—and to one day be that for her grandchildren. 

We couldn’t be more excited as a team, and a brand, to share this journey with her.

Happy 40th Birthday, Miranda. 

With love,  

KORA Organics


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  1. Julie Bakerville

    Happy Happy Blessed 40th Birthday Miranda!
    Awww the age/number of wisdom as the ancients have stated.
    Grandmothers are central lights and completely agree with you.
    May you continue to thrive seek and be well!

    God bless you as you bless all those around you!


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