A Sun-Safe Retinol Alternative

A Sun-Safe Retinol Alternative

Updated on 16th April 2024 at 5:57 am

You can now indulge in sun-filled days and tackle aging at the same time. 

Our powerful blend of plant-based retinol alternatives deliver all of the aging protection with none of the sun sensitivity. Unlike traditional retinols, our powerful-yet-gentle anti aging serum won’t make your skin more sensitive to the sun! 

Read on for reasons why we love our new Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum no matter where you’re vacaying. 

One | All The Benefits With No Added Vitamin A

Our plant-powered anti aging serum acts as a retinol to powerfully smooth wrinkles and firm skin—without added Vitamin A which traditional retinols are made from. 

Vitamin A is a known irritant and innately photo sensitive which is why we avoided directly adding this vitamin when creating our retinol-like serum.

Photo sensitivity can multiply the dangers of sunburn, and sun damage, to your skin when in direct contact with UV rays. This is usually spurred by medications, which traditional retinol, or retinoids, can fall under the banner of. 

Sun Friendly, Skin Loving Ingredients

  • Bakuchiol: To firm, strengthen, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Alfalfa: To visibly improve the signs of aging and smooth rough, damaged skin without irritation. 
  • Acai Stem Cells: These are packed with antioxidants to offer powerful protection against aging spurred on by environmental damage. 
Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum Miranda Kerr

Two | Enhances Photo Protection

We love the phrase Beauty Is In The Blend. As when we blend Rosehip and Acai Stem Cells together—Vitamins A, C & E (Rosehip) fuse with Ferulic Acid (Acai stem cells) to enhance photo-protection for better hydration and noticeable anti aging results. 

Photo protection is on your side to help reduce the risk of damage from UV rays and give the opposite effect of photo sensitivity. 

Double the protection; double the glow!  

Three | Protection Against Enviro Stressors

We go one step further with our sun-loving and skin barrier-loving ingredients: our anti aging blend not only treats the visible signs of aging but it also protects against further aging effects.

Our retinol alternative gives a nourishing hit of antioxidants morning and night for next-gen aging protection. (Yes, you can use it 24/7 on all skin types.) 

Did we mention our take on a retinol serum is blissfully scented with Neroli and Geranium to restore and protect your well-being? It’s also infused with Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals to protect against negative vibes as well! 

While we love our anti aging serum for its flexibility when we travel, we suggest wearing sunscreen daily to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. 

We’re obsessed and think it’s the best retinol serum on the market.

With love,  
KORA Organics


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