Our recent #myKORA campaign is a celebration of women. Miranda personally interviewed and photographed 13 wonderful women aged between 15 and 53 so they could tell their #myKORA stories. We decided to delve a little deeper and learn what makes each of our #myKORA women unique. This month we’ve chatted to gorgeous Deb about her everyday intentions, what brings her joy and her love for Tuscan sunsets. First name: Deb Age: 53 Location: Los Angeles, California KORA: What does clean-living mean to you? Clean living to me is about being intentional about every aspect of my life and the choices that I make.  From the foods that I eat to the products that I buy, it is very important that I support brands that also have that same intentionality and integrity. KORA: What is your beauty routine? In the morning I cleanse my face, spray on my mist, add my day serum, apply my moisturizer, then my SPF and end with my KORA face oil  and KORA eye oil.  At night, I take off my makeup and wash my face, spray on my mist, add my night serum, apply my moisturizer, and end with my KORA face oil and KORA eye oil. I am religious about this daily routine. KORA: Imaginative ways you use our products? I love putting a few drops of the KORA body oil in the bath.  It makes my skin feel so silky afterward. I also like to put my rose mist in the fridge for those hot days when I need to feel cool and refreshed.

Sophie and Deb; and Sasha.

KORA: What or who makes you happy? My family makes me happy.  I love spending time with my daughter Sophie, my mom and my sister, and her family. I also love my little dog Sasha, she brings me so much joy! KORA: The last book you read? The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, a novel by Jan-Philipp Sendker—one of the most magical and beautiful stories I have ever read! KORA: Your favorite essential oil? Lavender is one of my favorites. It always helps me to slow down and unwind after a long day. KORA: Is meditation your thing? I love meditation.  When I am super busy at work and feeling a bit overwhelmed with so much to do it allows me to focus, breathe and feel centered. KORA: Yoga or Pilates, or none? Yoga. Especially as I am getting older. It’s good for my balance and helps me to relax. KORA: Your go-to dinner party recipe? Cheese tortellini with homemade basil pesto sauce. KORA: Cherished vacation spot? Montepulciano, in Tuscany, Italy—known for the most beautiful sunsets, sunflowers and delicious red wine! Deb xo We’re very excited to share these #myKORA stories.

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