Marine Minerals for your Skin

Marine Minerals for your Skin

Our new Minty Mineral Hydration Mist has a connection to the sea in a number of ways being formulated with highly nutritious marine minerals found in Sea Water and Microalgae.

We’ve spoken to naturopath and nutritionist, Dr. Simoné Laubscher about the hidden power of marine ingredients—and how they are beneficial for our skin.

Sea Water

We source nutrient-dense Sea Water from the French, Noirmoutier Island, to feed the complexion with an abundance of skin restoring nutrients—and invite luminosity.

“Sea Water is high in essential minerals, particularly magnesium, which is not only a co-factor in over 300 reactions in the body—including collagen and elastin—but it also helps your skin maintain moisture, making it stronger and enhancing a youthful glow,” Simone explains.

Collagen and elastin fibres are protein structures within the skin revered for giving us a bouncy, young-looking glow. We naturally produce less of these proteins as we age, as young as from our twenties on. The good news is we can take it upon ourselves to protect, nurture, and inspire collagen production within our skin. For this reason, Simone loves Sea Water for its high levels of “magnesium, as it serves to modulate the synthesis and degradation of both collagen and elastin.”

She also believes the medicinal benefits of Sea Water to be so great that she ensures her family swim in it twice per week to reap its benefits. Noting that it is “antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and enhances wound healing due to the natural sodium, zinc, manganese and iodine levels.”

We understand why many refer to it as Vitamin Sea.



Ethically sourced from the Mediterranean Sea we have chosen Microalgae to improve moisture levels while helping to strengthen the skin. 

For those of you wondering what Microalgae is, it’s a form of algae so small that it’s unseen to the naked eye. Simone explains, “Microalgae is a powerful free radical scavenger for it is high in chlorophyll and reduces inflammation and the appearance of ageing.”

We love it for its protective and regenerative qualities to again boost collagen production. “It is packed full of healing trace minerals—missing from our diet—vitamins, essential amino acids, omega 3, and boosts your body’s natural ability to make collagen,” she adds.

We also agree with Simone when she says, “Microalgae is a true plant healing hero and superfood.”


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Dr. Simoné Laubscher PhD

Simone Laubscher has a BSc MSc PhD in Science and nutrition and has treated patients for over 20 years. After struggling with health issues relating to obesity (metabolic, thyroid, adrenal, blood sugar and eating disorders), Simoné treated herself successfully 22 years ago, following her graduation from university with her B.Sc.-Nutrition, from the UNSW, Sydney, Australia. Simoné then went on to do an M.Sc in Naturopathy and Nutrition and a PhD in human nutrition. She is very passionate about setting both adults and children free of disease and debilitating conditions. Simoné specialises in obesity, long-term weight loss, metabolic reset, eating disorders, diabetes, IBS / gut disorders, depression, stress/adrenal fatigue, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses such as cancer.

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