Loving Your Lips

Loving Your Lips

Updated on 25th May 2022 at 6:33 am

On the hunt for luscious lips and that perfect pout? Pucker up, because here at KORA Organics we know lip care is an important part of your skin care routine and that’s why we’ve carefully created the perfect duo of certified organic and vegan friendly lip products that nourish and condition your lips.

Lip Care

Often the condition of your lips can reflect certain aspects of your health but they are always affected by the external elements of wind, sun, cold and dehydration.

For healthy, kissable lips, hydration is key. Just as the rest of our skin needs daily moisturising to remain well-nourished and smooth, so does our lips. The skin on our lips is extremely sensitive and can easily become dry or irritable. Lip care should take a priority in your skincare routine.

Some lip care products contain ingredients that are unhealthy to absorb into your skin or digest orally, or just sit on the surface with little or no conditioning benefits. Using certified organic products that only contain natural, toxic -free ingredients and are safe to use on such a delicate area such as our lips are best. Our Noni Lip Tint & Noni Lip Treatment are certified organic and formulated with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and essential oils to get that perfectly plump and hydrated pout in no time.  

Noni Lip Treatment

A deeply nourishing lip treatment that soothes and conditions dry lips. The Noni Lip Treatment also helps to improve the appearance of fine lines around your lip area. Its creamy balm texture is packed full of hydrating ingredients to leave your lips super soft, smooth and protected.

 “This rich & creamy lip treatment is super nourishing and healthy. I use it daily to keep my lips looking smooth and plump.” – Miranda

Noni Lip Tint

Natural minerals and Beetroot Juice give the Noni Lip Tint its color. It’s perfect for those who don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, adding a sheer wash of color that can be built upon for your desired look. Easy to apply and it smells delicious, all whilst providing protection, deep hydration and nourishment. It’ll keep your lips looking plump, smooth and irresistibly kissable.

“This hydrating lip tint enhances my natural lip colour. I keep it in my handbag at all times and it smells so yummy!” – Miranda

Active Ingredients

Noni Fruit Extract – Softens and replenishes skin texture.

Cupuacu Butter – Hydrates, rejuvenates and helps improve skin elasticity

Licorice Root – contains anti-inflammatory properties to hydrates lips and reduce dryness

Cocoa Seed Butter – Soothes dry skin and supports skin elasticity

Desert Date Oil – high in essential fatty acids, boosts moisture to smooth and plump skin

Noni Fruit
Cupuaca Butter
Licorice Root
Cocoa Seed Butter
Desert Date Oil

Not only is this dynamic duo natural, certified organic and great for your lips, they are also animal friendly. Finding vegan products can sometimes be harder than expected. A lot of lip products on the market include beeswax or lanolin as their hydrating agent. We’ve developed our formulations to ensure you are still getting the highest quality lip love, whilst also being vegan and cruelty-free.

Top Tips For Beautiful Lips

For optimal lip health and beauty, lip care is essential! Love your lips with these top tips:

1. Lip health – look at not only the health of your lips, but your overall health and wellness for optimal lip condition.

2. Ingredients – Know what ingredients are in the products you are using. Only use healthy and safe products on your skin and lips.

3. Exfoliate – use a lip scrub once a week to rid dry, flaky skin, increase circulation and rejuvenate for invigorated plump lips.

You can even make your own DIY lip scrub by combining our Noni Glow Face Oil, an essential oil and brown sugar or use a small amount of the Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask!

Noni & Lavender Lip Scrub
Turmeric Mask Lip Scrub

4. Treatment – try applying the Noni Lip Treatment before bed and wake up to soft, supple lips. Any residue apply to your cuticles for a nail treatment.

5. Kick bad habits – as hard as it may be, try not to lick your lips when they’re dry, this can make them worse and resist the urge to pick the flaky bits!

6. Daily hydration – keep them well hydrated with both a topical application but also making sure that you’re drinking enough water.

7. Protection – keep your lips protected from environmental elements such as UV rays, wind, heat and the cold that could weather the skins surface and affect your lip health.

8. Color confidence – Add a dash of color to complete your look. Have fun and experiment with what colours, shapes, styles and textures work for you.

9. Multi-use – products can often be used in more ways than one! Our Noni Lip Treatment can also be used as a dewy highlighter on your cheek bones or for extra hydration on particularly dry areas such as elbows, whilst many customers use the Noni Lip Tint not only on their lips, but also on their eye lids and cheeks

10. Smile! – show off your healthy, irresistible, luscious lips! There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that shines bright ✨

KORA Organics xxx


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