Live Well, Day-in, Day-out

Live Well, Day-in, Day-out

Updated on 26th May 2022 at 11:31 pm

Diana Newton is a Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, and the owner of Fitmix Studio in Los Angeles, California. As a trainer to Miranda, she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to staying focused while our daily calendars are getting a workout. Diana has kindly shared with us her ideas to live well, every day.

To get the best out of life, I believe we have to make it enjoyable. The same can be said for creating a healthy eating and exercise plan. Personally, I love to work out with amazing music, in places that make my heart sing. The joy that is created from the experience—and the rewards that a healthy lifestyle bring—are second to none. I’ve penned some hints to help you wholly embrace wellness for the new year that’s just begun! HOLD ON TO YOUR SHAPE—DAY-IN, DAY-OUT Set a food curfew Most damage happens to our diets at night, due to snacking. Set a time and say: “I am not going to eat after 8pm”—and stick to it! STAY BALANCED IN THE FACE OF SOCIAL TEMPTATION Choose to either drink or snack, at your next party Focus on drinking calories, or eating calories, but don’t do both! If you choose to drink, ensure you eat a healthy meal before you leave the house, and stick to equal parts water-to-beverage to stay balanced and hydrated. You’ll also save half the caloric intake this way too! EMBRACE WELLNESS WHEN INVITED OUT Bring a healthy option When invited to a dinner party, I simply offer to bring something along that I know I can eat. It’s also a nice way to share and inspire! SAFEGUARD YOUR ENERGY LEVELS Drink tons of purified water For those that struggle with drinking water—add frozen strawberries, raspberries or mint in the bottom of the glass. It’s a visual trick to make you want to drink the water to get to the fruit. MAKE EXERCISE YOUR THING Pencil in 20 mins a day of something you love Make sure you keep your endorphins flowing, so it’s easier to get up the next day. Exercise within a 24 to 48-hr window. It’s much harder to get back out there once the endorphins you previously created have been used up! OPT FOR CONSISTENCY, RATHER THAN OVER-DOING IT Give yourself a break I’m sure you don’t have time to deal with burn-out. Take it day by day. Perhaps schedule 3-4 gym visits a week, or just 20-mins a day to elevate your heart rate. PUT YOURSELF FIRST – HOWEVER HARD IT SOUNDS Buy yourself the gift of massage A stressful life can lead to health blow-outs and loss of energy to work out. Think of receiving regular massages as a necessity, not a luxury. Remember that it’s best to incorporate change into your daily life, slowly. Change happens through consistency! Yet most of all—enjoy every moment. xxx Diana Newton Diana Newton is the owner and master trainer at Fitmix Studio. With three locations throughout LA—Fitmix specializes in Endurance Reformer Pilates & Treadmill Interval Training. Diana is also a featured fitness expert and celebrity trainer in the media.



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