Lavender & Noni Lip Scrub

Lavender & Noni Lip Scrub

This month our team have decided to share some of their favorite things to do with certified organic essential oils. Brie from our Marketing Team has shared her quick and easy ritual for smooth, kissable lips!

Mix a few drops of Noni Glow Face Oil with a half a teaspoon of organic brown sugar and a drop of lavender essential oil in a little bowl. (If you’re not a lavender lover, you can use a drop of rose essential oil instead or opt for scent-free.)

Swirl the blend around with a spatula or clean fingers.

Apply to dry lips in gentle circular movements for a few minutes, removing any dry, dead skin cells. Remember to be gentle, as the skin is very delicate.

TIP:  Finish with the Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm or Noni Glow Face Balm to nourish and rehydrate.

Massage any mixture left in the bowl, into your cuticles and nails for a quick mani without polish.



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