Introducing Silky Sun Drops

Introducing Silky Sun Drops

It’s no secret that effective sun protection is the most powerful weapon in our skincare arsenal against premature aging. Inspired by growing up under the powerful Australian sun, Miranda Kerr realized early on the importance of sun protection, sparking the creation of our most requested product worldwide: a certified organic sunscreen named Silky Sun Drops.

The journey to create Silky Sun Drops Sunscreen Serum, our certified organic SPF 30, spanned over five years—a true labor of love and science. We quickly learned why there are so few certified organic sunscreens on the market: the education, time, and financial investment needed to make this product come to life was no small feat. This journey involved stringent compliance with COSMOS/Ecocert standards, ensuring the product was as healthy for our users as it was for the planet. Beyond a mineral sunscreen, this certified organic formula combines the latest skincare technology with our natural, sustainable beauty commitment.

In crafting KORA Organics’ Silky Sun Drops, it was important for us to make mineral sunscreen even better.  First, we needed it to harness the power of nature to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. This meant tapping more than your simple mineral protectant. Enter: Raspberry Seed Oil. Known for its natural protectant benefits against the sun’s rays and rich in Vitamins A and E, it enhances the skin’s radiance and provides a healthy glow (something we all love). We combined this with 100% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, a reef-safe mineral that provides a safe, surface-level barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays without penetrating the skin.

Kora Organics Sun Drops with Raspberries
Kora Organics Sun Drops in the sky

Second, with a growing need to protect our skin from environmental aggressors like blue light and pollution, we added a boost of antioxidant protection from powerful extracts like Ectoin and Chia Seed to create a powerful shield against environmental damage. The final touch? An ocean-powered infusion of AlgicaⓇ to lock in moisture while supporting your skin with vital nutrients.

Lastly, Silky Sun Drops needed to feel as good as it worked. The goal? Achieving an ultra-light formula that deeply moisturizes without leaving a white cast, making it perfect for all skin types and tones. This silky smooth finish is ideal for those who want their sunscreen to enhance, rather than inhibit, their beauty routine. It not only has a priming effect under makeup but can be added over makeup for added protection and glow. You can read more about how we’re making application as easy as a walk on on the beach thanks to our partnership with Beautyblender next week. 

Our founder (and sun safety enthusiast) Miranda Kerr shares her excitement about Silky Sun Drops, “I’m so proud to bring one of the first certified organic sun products to market. It’s not just a sunscreen; it’s a skin treatment that nourishes and protects, giving our customers a product that targets dark spots and signs of aging while shielding from UV rays.”

At KORA Organics, we’re all about creating products that not only work wonders but are also good for your skin and the planet. We’re thrilled to introduce Silky Sun Drops — a perfect mix of nature’s best and the latest science to give you top-notch daily sunscreen. Dive into our sun-safe revolution and protect your skin without any compromises!


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