The Genesis of KORA Organics Plant Stem Cell Serum

The Genesis of KORA Organics Plant Stem Cell Serum

In the heart of all KORA Organics’ products lies a story of innovation, passion, and a relentless quest for both gentleness and efficacy in skincare. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the inspiration and journey behind the creation of the KORA Organics Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum—a beacon of hope for those seeking effective, organic alternatives to traditional retinol.

The Spark of Innovation

The journey began with a clear vision from Miranda Kerr, the founder of KORA Organics, who found traditional retinols too harsh for her sensitive skin. 

“Traditional retinols have always been harsh on my skin, she shares. “I’ve heard so many of our customers share the same feeling. People often come to organics to find a gentler option, so I wanted to find something gentle enough to use daily but also effective and results driven.” 

This collective yearning for a kinder alternative led to the exploration of Bakuchiol—a natural counterpart to retinol known for its gentleness and efficacy.

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Crafting the Alternative

Miranda’s vision was not just to create a gentle solution but to challenge the norms and prove that organic alternatives could be powerfully effective. The discovery of Bakuchiol, combined with the pioneering use of Alfalfa as a new, gentler alternative, laid the foundation for a serum that offered five times the active power of retinol alone, without any irritation. Further enriched with Acai Plant Stem Cells and Rosehip for additional antioxidant protection the serum emerged as an ultra-nourishing powerhouse, poised to revolutionize organic skincare. The formula is so gentle that, unlike retinol, it can be used twice a day – even while basking in the sun. By adding in use both morning and night, users of the serum can get double the expected coverage and therefore, even better results.

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Embracing Challenges

The path to perfection is rarely straightforward–especially in the beauty and skincare world. In proving their breakthrough formua’s efficacy the team embarked on a rigorous third-party consumer study with users of traditional retinol spanning ages 25 – 65, a challenging age range not typically tested against. The study also viewed performance at 4 weeks versus the typical 12 weeks expected to deliver visible results.This study not only confirmed the serum’s superior performance over traditional retinol but also showcased its ability to deliver results faster and more effectively, cementing its place as a certified organic marvel. Nearly 80% said that this certified organic serum worked better than traditional retinol products used before, and a large majority of subjects felt skin looked firmer, smoother, repaired and restored without irritation or dryness. Worth the effort? In spades. 

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A Design with Purpose

The packaging of the Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum speaks volumes about KORA Organics’ commitment to sustainability and beauty. Housed in a recycled glass bottle and adorned with FSC-certified paper, the design draws inspiration from the natural hues of Bakuchiol and Alfalfa flowers, mirroring the product’s organic essence and environmental consciousness.


Looking Ahead

As we celebrate the success of the Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum and its sister product, the Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Moisturizer, the horizon is already bright with the promise of new innovations. Driven by customer feedback and a dedication to organic excellence, KORA Organics is continually exploring natural actives that hold the potential to transform skincare.


In every drop of the Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum lies the spirit of KORA Organics—a testament to the belief that organic ingredients can provide powerful, effective skincare solutions. Join us on this journey of discovery and experience the gentle, yet potent, magic of our latest innovation.

Stay tuned to KORA Organics, where the future of skincare is not just envisioned but brought to life with care, research, and a deep connection to the natural world.


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