Katy Perry & Miranda talk Motherhood & Turmeric Glow

Katy Perry & Miranda talk Motherhood & Turmeric Glow

Updated on 20th December 2023 at 8:31 am

We love this interview of Miranda and Katy discussing the joys of organic health, motherly love and our revered Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. It’s an insightful watch with some magic moments penned below.

Miranda: I’m excited to have Katy Perry joining us today. Welcome Katy.

Katy: This is me very fresh faced, I just got out of the shower! One of the great things about being close with Miranda is that I get to try out all her products especially when her son, who’s 10 years old, comes home with them. I look through his little backpack and I say: “What’s this new thing?”

Then then you gave me the Turmeric Glow Moisturizer and I thought OK. As you know, you and I get sent a lot of products and we may try some of them. For this I was like, “Okay what do I have to lose, I’ll just try it, I am not getting any younger.” And I tried it and it has changed my skin game so much! I have no investment in it, and nobody’s paying me, I am just ready to talk about how it changed my skin game!

Miranda: Oh, it makes me so happy to hear that because when I first created it, I wanted to create a luxurious, rich moisturizer—and create the creme de la creme of all face creams. What’s interesting is that you and I have different skin types but we both want that glow, even Evan has a completely different skin type as well and he uses it every day. It’s incredible to see the results it’s getting for all different skin types.

Katy: Well Orlando uses it as well and we kind of fight over the pods! I’ve used all the lines of the amazing dermatologists in Los Angeles, but this one [Turmeric Glow Moisturizer] has changed my skin so much!

I don’t really love the taste of turmeric so I’m glad I can find a way to integrate turmeric into my life, but tell me why you chose turmeric for this moisturizer?

Miranda: Well, I’m obsessed with brightening because I’ve had pigmentation pretty much on and off ever since I had Flynn. I have had a constant battle of trying to fight my pigmentation and turmeric really helps with that. This cream has Liposome Technology which are bubbles that actively work when you rub them. They burst and then fresh ingredients are delivered to your skin. 

This blend has Turmeric, Licorice Root and Maracuja Oil (which is like passion fruit oil.) It also has Desert Date Oil, and these active ingredients really help with pigmentation and to nourish and hydrate the skin. It also has Rosehip Oil and Noni Fruit Extract of course too. All these ingredients, especially Turmeric, are anti-inflammatory, and brightening for the skin.

Katy Perry & Miranda Kerr talk Turmeric Glow

Katy: It gets a little red when you first put it on.

Miranda: That’s the active ingredients working and the liposomes technology when they burst when and melt into the skin.

Katy: It’s great, I use it both morning and night and before I’m about to put on a ton of make-up. I don’t even use primer anymore. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to lean into the whole glam thing, but this doesn’t make makeup so dry looking—it makes it very fresh and youthful. It’s the right consistency and it’s kind of rich.

Miranda: It’s definitely rich and it gives your skin that beautiful glow.

Katy: Yes, I am a huge believer. We had a conversation over Christmas about certified organic. I didn’t really know anything about the difference between organic and certified organic—and your line KORA Organics is certified organic.

Miranda: Which is very different to just a clean beauty product.

Katy: Tell me.

Miranda: When you’re certified organic you have an outside body who is overlooking everything you’re doing. It’s not just about certified organic ingredients. It’s about making sure they are as pure as they can be and that there are no other nasty ingredients. On top of that they look at everything from our packaging, internal and external, all the words that I write on the back of the packaging has to be approved by them too, and our manufacturers have to be audited by them and Cosmos / Ecocert approved.

What’s interesting about certified organic ingredients is that can contain up to 60% more antioxidants than a non-organic ingredient. That was proven by a study done at Cambridge University, and that’s why our products are getting such incredible results for people, because they’re not just clean, they actively contain more antioxidants too.

Also certified organic ingredients can’t be grown on soil that’s depleted, they must be grown on nutrient-rich soil. They cannot be grown on the same soil, over and over which many non-organic ingredients are. That’s also why they contain more antioxidants and therefore when you put that straight into your skin, you get more powerful results.

Katy: It’s alive!

Miranda: Yes, It’s alive.

Katy: Even close-up you can see I’ve got this glow all over my skin. People think I have just come from a facial all the time. They ask me: “What’s that serum,” or, “What facialist are you using?” I say, “Actually, this is the new KORA Turmeric Glow Moisturizer. I use it, Orlando uses it. Evan loves it.” You can see I am really obsessed with it, or I wouldn’t be here talking about it.

I have had adult acne in the past and that’s why I have not been leaning into heavy moisturizers because I thought I would get cystic zits underneath my skin, so I was nervous to try it. Then I leaned in and no zits. It’s made my pores smoother, and my cheeks are always rosy after I use it—which is great. I’m not scared of using it and it doesn’t make me break out at all. I wonder is it the turmeric that is a factor?

Miranda: I think it’s the combination of Rosehip, Marajuka and Desert Date oils that help to balance the pH of your skin, they are lightweight oils too.

Katy: I always felt like I had to wear a ton of makeup. Especially in my early 20s when I started to see different dermatologists about my acne. I would see all these ladies come and go with all this slap on their skin, and I would wish that one day, I didn’t have to wear that much makeup. I feel like this gives that glow and a little rose on my cheeks. It feels like an everyday thing and then when I do wear a lot of makeup, which I do on American Idol, it helps the makeup to balance, so it’s not so dry.

The words that came to mind earlier when I was thinking about it were nourishing, glowing, hydrating, brightening; I mean it feels like I drank about 10 bottles of water.

Katy Perry & Miranda talk Turmeric Glow
Katy Perry & Miranda talk Motherhood & Turmeric Glow

Miranda: How have you been going with the celery juice?

Katy: Good, I love it. So, Miranda um is very, very health conscious. I think in our modern family she’s probably the most health conscious of everyone. Although Orlando is too.

Miranda: And he’s very much into fitness.

Katy: Yes, he is an Adonis. You help encourage Evan; and he helps encourage me.

It’s so funny whenever Flynn comes over, he will always bring like this amazing like nugget of knowledge on either skin care or food. We have stopped eating eggs at our house. He came over and said he didn’t really eat eggs. So, tell me.

Miranda: I learned this from Anthony William, The Medical Medium. His book Cleanse to Heal really helped me so much in my life. I got quite sick when I was pregnant with Hart, and they do say when you’re pregnant your immune system can be suppressed, and certain things can come to the surface. So, for me I had some gastrointestinal issues and the only thing that helped me was eating plant-based and pure, and having my celery juice every morning. I tried everything and studied health. I recently finished a course online at Stanford University.

Katy: That’s right, you’ve got three kids and you’re going to college, and you run a massive company. It’s very admirable.

Miranda: Oh, thanks, but the kids are my number one love as you know.

Katy: Oh, for sure, it’s the best thing in the world being a mom. It’s the best job, it’s the most fulfilling I mean. I got the opportunity to climb every mountain career-wise and see those views and I was grateful for if—but there was no feeling like the feeling when I had my daughter. It was like all the love that I was ever searching for, was there: wholeness.

Miranda: It’s like the heart opener of all heart openers.

Katy: To be honest, as a performer your art is validated by the outside world, and that fluctuates; sometimes you are beloved, and then sometimes people are not into it. But the love from your children is constant and unconditional, and isn’t based on what you have, what you don’t have you, or your career—and so that’s made me feel so full to know that there’s this unwavering, unconditional love. Also, nothing is really being asked of me, just to be a mother and that comes naturally of course. There’s milk, cuddles and to change a diaper, of course. There really is no feeling like it.

Miranda: I still pinch myself I feel so lucky to be a mom.

Katy: I went through this huge transformation after having Daisy about what I was putting into my body. I went more plant-based, about 80/20. I also started looking at all my products questioning what was in my products. This [Turmeric Glow Moisturizer]  has changed my life and my beauty game. As your skin is your biggest organ, your pores are ingesting all these chemicals. So, I went through a huge clean out to reach for the more natural stuff, and that’s really helped.

Miranda: It’s interesting, when I was 16 my mother got really sick; she had cancer in her spleen. So, we went through everything in our home and looked at everything in our household. We found a book called: The Chemical Maze. It as a handbook to explain exactly what is in each product.

I learned so much after many years of living this way and trying to find more healthy products, I realized there were so many products out there that claimed to be natural that weren’t. Which is why I wanted KORA Organics to be certified because then you’re not just taking my word for it. Being certified organic means that someone is doing this on a world certification level; auditing everything to be accountable and to be transparent. This is something that we can control, and if you can get great results on your skin in a healthy way, then why wouldn’t you? To me it was a no-brainer.

Katy: I had no idea that you went through that with your mom. You become so highly aware of what you put in your body when you’re bringing a baby into the world, and their immune system is developing. I really looked at all of my products and made some huge changes in my life—and this was one of the big ones: what I’m using on my skin.

Miranda: You feel the difference and I think if it’s something small that I can do that makes a big difference in my life. The way that I see it is that if you’re putting a lot of chemicals in your body, they build up over time and can cause a lot of issues in your body.

Katy: I hear you. Well, I love you. And I am so glad that you are doing all heavy lifting and research on being certified organic. It’s better for the planet, and it’s better for you.

Miranda: I love you; we better get back to our kids.

Katy: Thank you so much for letting me come on here and talk to all these people.

Miranda: Thank you so much for talking to us today. I really appreciate it! 


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