A Journaling Ritual to Reflect

A Journaling Ritual to Reflect

As 2022 comes close to an end, and a new year is on the brink of existence, it is common to slip into reflection mode. One of my favorite ways of reflecting is through journaling. 

Journaling enables us to write in a free-flowing way, where we do not have to actively think about what we are writing. It therefore allows our unconscious to gently rise to the surface, and become a part of our consciousness, on paper.

Here are some Journal Prompts to reflect on 2022.

Enjoy and Happy Journaling!

~ This year, my challenges were/I struggled with:

~ The emotions I felt overall this year were:

~ The best part of 2022 for me was…

~ The things I was grateful for in 2022 were…

~ What did I need from others this year?

~ What did I need from myself this year?

~ What was/were the biggest lesson(s) I learned this year?

~ Looking back at 2022, how can I describe myself/my growth?

~ Which boundaries did I implement in 2022?

(If you didn’t implement any, are there any you would like to implement for 2023?)

~ Who would I consider on my support team for 2022?

(Your support team are people who you can call on/turn to who feel safe + trustworthy. They provide support without judgement, and provide a safe space for you to request support.)

~ Which Limiting beliefs did I hold this year that prevented me from being a certain way or doing things?

 (A Limiting Belief is a belief that is false, even though it may seem real. It is a belief we hold about ourselves, our lives, or others that limit us in how we perceive ourselves, and the world around us. Limiting Beliefs often lead us to making incorrect assumptions, which are based on our past pain, past challenges or past trauma in our life. What we do not often realize is how much of our inner power we give away to these Limiting Beliefs, as we unconsciously let them define us, or our lives.)

~ What were my fears/anxieties this year?

~ How did I overcome them/how am I working to overcome them?

~ What am I proud of for myself in 2022? List any accomplishments.

(Can be emotional/spiritual/healing accomplishments!)

Tamarin xx

Tamarin holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and has trained at prestigious clinics in Beverly Hills, California.

Through her travels, attending Balinese healing + yoga retreats, and life experiences, Tam has merged her Psychotherapy experience and background with her spiritual guidance, intuitive and energetic healing capabilities. And so, EmpowHER Healing was born. Tam now calls Sydney, Australia, home.

Tam offers one-on-one sessions (in person and virtual) which which weave the wisdom of many modalities, merging the traditional psychotherapy model with a more holistic + spiritual guidance + healing. Her powerful sessions aim to cultivate the deep transformation driven by one’s readiness to discover their own potential for self-love, empowerment, expansion, and healing. Clients leave Tam’s sessions with their souls feeling aligned, empowered, expanded, and transformed.



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