Inspiration for Perspiration

Inspiration for Perspiration

Diana Newton owns and manages three gyms in Los Angeles and a busy household with three gorgeous children. We’ve asked our fitness contributor to share her ideas on how to juggle it all and enjoy the process! I am a big believer in creating a positive lifestyle to attain true wellness—and fitness is a huge part of that. For me, keeping fit means I am at my healthiest and inspiring the same for my family. Being a mom and a business owner keeps me on my toes. Yet a little creativity and organization go a long way to keep balanced and enjoy life.

Here are a few of my tips to motivate fitness and juggle a busy schedule:

·       Dress the part. Lay out an exercise outfit each night; choose an outfit you feel great in and you may want to do it more. Organization is key! ·       Play with kids—it’s natural movement. I like to set up an obstacle course and get in a sneaky workout with them! ·       Book morning sessions rather than lunch, evenings or weekends. Days get crazy, and things always arise that can hinder even the most perfected plans. Wake and exercise first thing so you can then focus on the remainder of your day. ·       Take the stairs. It’s a simple way to keep your body moving. Stairs are great for your core, buttocks and thighs. It’s a great way to keep your steps up for the day. It’s been said that we should aim for 10,000 – 15,000 steps per day.  ·       Create a playlist to inspire as you perspire. Find your favorite artists and songs with rhythm or melody that naturally motivates you. Or take a long walk with the podcast or audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to! ·       Change your outlook by listening to the words you speak. If you say you have no time, you’ll find any excuse to keep yourself from exercise. Shifting your perspective helps to open the mind to shift those old negative patterns that stop you being your best. ·       Go digital. Use apps to track your progress, manage your diet, and find people in your area to exercise with. Take happy snaps along the way too to remind you of how far you’ve come. ·       Make it realistic. Set intentions and goals to use focus to keep you fit. Yet make sure they work with your lifestyle. That way you’re much less likely to throw in the towel if it all gets too much! Diana xoxox

Diana Newton is the owner and master trainer at Fitmix Studio. With three locations throughout LA—Fitmix specializes in Endurance Reformer Pilates & Treadmill Interval Training. Diana is also a featured fitness expert and celebrity trainer in the media.


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