Hydration vs. Moisture

Hydration vs. Moisture

Want to know the difference between hydration and moisture? 

The easiest way to understand it is that hydration is from water; moisture is from oil. 

While moisturizers provide instant hydration, face oils provide long-lasting moisture with a vitamin-enriched bonus.  

You need both for a balanced skincare routine.  

Our-Turmeric-Glow Moisturizer-KORA-Organics

Why Do We Need Hydration? 

Twice daily topical hydration for your skin—as well as drinking plenty of water internally—helps to: 

  • Plump your skin to alleviate the look, and feel, of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Glow like no other with elevated elasticity levels. Which younger is skin is known for.
  • Balance oil flow to bring homeostasis back to your skin; whether you’re on the dry or oily side. 
  • Flush your skin of unwanted toxins. Akin to a skin detox.
  • Boost your skin’s barrier defense and ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors. 

How Do You Get Hydration? 

Drench skin in water-based ingredients to lock and retain water.

We love our cult-classic Turmeric Glow Moisturizer and our people-pleasing Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer for true nourishment—and serious glow! 

Twice daily is suggested for best results. 


Why Do We Need Moisture? 

To seal in precious hydration and create a protective skin barrier.

Replenishing your moisture levels, morning and night, aids in: 

  • Locking in the good stuff and protecting against hydration loss; joining the fight alongside your natural skin barrier.
  • Stay plump, for longer. Keep moisture levels topped up to keep fine line and wrinkles at bay.
  • Multiply glow via faster skin turnover. Feed your skin as you would your body for a natural, chic complexion. 
  • Protect against blemishes. That’s right. Oily skin needs moisture to balance oil flow. Stripping the skin via chemically laden products sends the message that the skin is dry and there is a need for more oils. Resulting in an overflow of oil. Bring balance to your skin with a regular moisturizing routine to help ease congestion. 
  • Soothe tired skin. The feel of moisturizing is as good a reason as any reason you cannot see. Skin feels at ease, less tight and soft to touch. (Massaging moisturizer into your skin is even better for your complexion and a self-soothing end-of-day practice too.) 

How Do You Get Moisture? 

We reach for our award-winning Noni Glow Face Oil to seal in next level moisture and go about our day with and an enviable, Certified Organic glow. 

Add it to your routine twice daily. 

Ensuring you are adding hydration and moisture to your routine also perfectly primes the skin for an easy and dewy make-up look! 

With love, 

KORA Organics xxx


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