How to Store Organic Skincare

How to Store Organic Skincare

Updated on 13th December 2023 at 2:35 pm

We love a good “shelfie” for both organisational satisfaction and easy application.

We’re often asked how to store KORA Organics products—and as a golden rule we say: keep it dark, dry and cool.

Environmental factors such as sunlight, heat, damp, steam and temperature can cause disharmony in our blends, and lessen their power.

We’ve jotted down our ways to protect your beauty must-have’s for maximum glow.

One | Dark

Store Out Of Direct Sunlight

Although we take into account protection from sunlight when we create our packaging, we suggest keeping your products away from the sun—full stop.

This is to stop the sun’s powerful rays heating up, and breaking down, the active ingredients we need to keep our glow.

We want you to protect and maintain the efficacy of your daily skincare ritual and suggest taking products off a windowsill that bathes in light.

Think of a dry, dark, cool space when you’re homing KORA Organics.

Two | Dry

Keep It Dry + Away From Steam

The bathroom cupboard may be dark, but how damp is it?

It’s key to measure humidity levels—as a damp cupboard can cause just as much disruption as sunlight.

Steamy showers can increase the possibility of mould growth, which is not great news for delicately-formulated beauty products.

If your bathroom is damp or not well ventilated, you may choose to keep your skincare go-to’s in a bedroom drawer—away from the extreme elements of a bathing space.

Three | Cool

Find A Cool Spot Or A Beauty Fridge

If you do not have a dark, dry and cool spot, it’s a popular choice to store your skincare in the perfect climate created by a specialized beauty fridge.

Please note: A household fridge is too cold and can disrupt the formula with too much moisture; motivating the growth of mould.

We love to keep our Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor in the freezer to instantly de-puff tired skin when we wake!

Keep Your Lids On

Secure the lid back on your products as soon as you use them. This keeps the time open to oxygen as short as possible. It also keeps your products protected from spillage too.

And always remember to use clean fingers, or a spatula, to dig out the product—so bacteria doesn’t harbor!

Line Up Your Daily Routine 

We know that a nourishing skincare routine can be a tad confusing with the necessary steps.

We’ve jotted down how we order KORA Organics here and suggest lining up your products in order of use; or writing a little post-it note for inside your beauty cupboard for clarity.

The easier is is to visually understand, the more likely you are to do your skin care—when you’re busy, tired or just want to go to bed.

To recap—the best way to store KORA Organics in a dry, dark, cool space—with lids securely on.

With love,

KORA Organics 


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