How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy by Anita Rosenberg

How to Make Your Home Feel More Cozy by Anita Rosenberg

Looking out my window I see the famous Hollywood sign and landmark Capitol Records building. Smack in the middle of Hollywood, I live in a loft. It is one large room so the challenge is to divide up the space and make it homey. Plus a loft can be cold and impersonal, which is why it was important to add breezy fabrics and lush bedding, pillow accents on the bed, couches and chairs to cozy it up. When action movie actor Jason Statham (The Bank Job and Spy) stopped over shortly after I moved in he exclaimed, “Your place is very Zen. It’s really homey.” That’s when I knew I had done my job correctly. Plenty of seating invites conversations. Decorative screens divide the space without closing off the loft vibe. My dining table also serves as the kitchen island with tall stools, which is where I mostly sit and entertain. And entry bench greets guests and provides a seat to take off your shoes when entering; I abide by the shoe-less home rules to keep my space energetically clean.

Here are some pointers on how you can create a sacred and homey place of your own.

Yin Yang Bulletin:
You want to combine yin and yang elements seamlessly. One large room with high ceilings, bright natural light, grand windows and large furniture is yang so you want to blend it with homey touches of fabric, rugs, pillows, books, collectible and art. A yin space is a small room with low ceilings and less natural light so it needs the energy uplifted by adding larger furniture and less décor pieces. Too many small knick-knacks become granny’s house.

House Luck Homework:
Go around your house and take inventory of what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Toss out anything that is less than excellent. Do not keep something just because it is valuable or someone gave it to you. Lighting magical candles and incense lifts the mood. Purposefully placed crystals also raise the vibration. Keep your home clean, because you never know who will be stopping by!
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  1. katie

    Plants, crystals on the night stand, a small statue of buddha, birchbark candles, a nice comfy throw at the end of my bed, an old urn with dried lavender, seashells from my mom and an old piece of driftwood handing on my wall.



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