How To Make Your Bathroom A Sanctuary

How To Make Your Bathroom A Sanctuary

Your bathroom is predominantly a place of function, but lets not underestimate the role it can play in relaxation and self-care.

Here we’ve put together a list of ways in which you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious, soothing sanctuary. A place where you can create your own mini retreat and escape for a little R&R at the end of the day in order to relax and unwind for a good night’s sleep, but also recharge for the day to come.

Let There Be Light

Uplift what can sometimes be a dark and damp space by optimising natural light and adding a few warming touches. Adding a skylight or a mirror to reflect more natural light throughout can open up a space and brighten the room, making it feel more spacious and deceivingly larger than it is. Applying a calming color palette of light, natural tones, such as a soft beige or white will create a clean, neutral base and keep it simple & sophisticated. Add some lighting or candles for extra warmth and ambience.

Miranda Kerr looking in the mirror

Bring The Outside In

Bring peace and tranquility to your sanctuary with nature. Adding plants and flowers into the bathroom makes the room feel fresh and vibrant. Incorporate a mix of different plants to create your own unique space that not only aesthetically looks good but helps improve the air quality.

Focus on the Features

By adding small features like new elegant taps, a towel rack or shower head is fairly inexpensive and can uplift an outdated or tired bathroom. Small changes can make a large impact.

Miranda Kerr bathroom bath tub taps


New plush towels or the addition of a luxurious bath mat can soften the surfaces and compliment the room.

All About The Ambience

Miranda really enjoys setting the ambience by dimming the bathroom lights, burning palo santo to clear the space and playing some calming music (anything by Krishna Das or Snatam Kaur). Soothing the senses with relaxing scents and sounds can add to your overall at-home spa experience. 

Less Is More

Keep your bathroom tidy and decluttered. Walking in to your bathroom sanctuary should feel mentally relaxing, seeing clutter and mess can interfere with that. Adopt a minimalist style and ensure sufficient storage so you can put all your bathroom products away. A clear, soothing space for a clear, restful mind.

Create a Nighttime Ritual

Rituals are important, they ensure you routinely dedicate some much needed and well deserved self care each day. Miranda begins her night time ritual by having a bath in her sanctuary and then has a cup of chamomile or night-time tea and does a mediation before bed to help relax and unwind.

Miranda Kerr's bathroom sanctuary

By making some of these simple additions to your bathroom you can create a welcoming, relaxing sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.

Now it’s time to run a bath, play some music, light a candle, put on your favorite KORA Organics face mask and enjoy!



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