How to make the most out of Solstice in 2020

How to make the most out of Solstice in 2020

The Solstice times are two of the most significant days of the year. For as long as we can remember, we have celebrated the sun on these special and potent times of the year. The sun brings warmth to the Earth, vitality to our hearts, mind and body, ultimately giving us life. As we move from Summer Solstice into the Winter Solstice each year, we navigate into the death and rebirth of the Sun. The Sun is so important to life on this Earth.

When we navigate the Summer Solstice we are receiving the most light in one day. Opposite to the Summer Solstice is the Winter Solstice, which is the darkest day of the year. Without darkness we would not be able to experience what light is. Without light we would not be able to experience what dark is. We need both to be able to even know what the other is. The magic of the Summer Solstice is when we bring light to those things within us that need to be healed and highlighted. The magic of Winter Solstice is to be able to go deep within the darker areas of ourselves to be able to sit with what is; within the sitting with what is, is when the healing and re-birthing occurs.

This year of 2020 is a very special Solstice. In Astrology, we have the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, knowledge and wisdom, and the planet Saturn, planet of karma, devotion, moving from an Earth sign to an Air sign.

The elements are: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. In Astrology, these planets stay in an element for 200 years. This year on December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn are moving from an Earth sign to an Air sign, Aquarius. When we experience a 200 year shift like this, it is referred to entering into a new age.

So this December 21st, is a very special moment in time, one that we wont experience again in our lifetimes. They say in Astrology that this December 21st is not only the Solstice but the beginning of the year of 2021. If there is a “best time” to set your intentions and new years resolutions for 2021, it is on December 21st, 2020.

This grand conjunction happening in Aquarius on the Solstice this year, takes us into the energy of manifestation of our deepest wishes, into humanitarian causes, community and advancing technology.

So how do we set our intentions for the this new era, this new year of 2021?

  1. With a grateful heart, we’ll be grateful for all of the challenges and blessings we have received this year. As we move forward we can take our experiences and wisdom of 2020 to navigate into the new year.
  2. Writing: Writing helps us to bring our wishes into the first step of manifestation. Write out what resolutions and/or intentions we want to take on or explore this year.
  3. Yoga, meditation, dancing or anything that keeps you elevated into a conscious state of being.
  4. Be in community. Hari Simran from Spread The Light Blog and I are co-hosting an online workshop if you are interested in celebrating this special Solstice with us! You can read more details and sign up here:

Love and many, many Solstice Blessings, Onkar

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Onkar is a student & teacher of Kundalini Yoga for the past 15 years, intuitive counselor & meditative healing, Level 1 & 2 KRI certified, Level 1 Satnam Rasayan healer & the founder of HEALREVIVE – an online platform of support for bringing spiritual ritualism into our everyday lives.

She brings her love & wisdom of teaching & meditation experience to create powerful 40-day programs that help to heal the mind, body & soul.  Known for her approachable methods for accessing the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Onkar has brought this accessibility to the masses as a frequent contributor to mainstream publications & wellness brands.

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