How to Live Sustainably in 2022

How to Live Sustainably in 2022

We want to start the year by focusing on sustainability and what it means to us as a team. We’re very happy to place sustainability at the forefront of all our future plans as we pledge to become Climate Neutral Certified for 2022 (and beyond!).

We also feel that sustainability is a topic that can transcend environment-care and extend into self-care.

How do we sustain our happy, healthy existence when we’re so busy and in the grind of everyday life?

January is a wonderful time of resolutions and self-improvement, and most of us know that when we get busy these new ways can fall to the wayside.

We’ve huddled together as a team to pen our ideas to make sustaining our energy, and the environment, easierin the hum of busy life.


Love Yourself No Matter What

We feel this starts with being your best friend and giving yourself a break!

Some situations in life are meant for growth, rather than comfort. And when these scenarios play out, being loyal to yourself is of the greatest importance. Accepting and loving ourselves, no matter what, is the key to lasting self-love.

We find that when we accept all aspects of ourselves, we’re more peaceful as a team, and as individuals.

Choosing progress over perfectionism is a good start. A little change every day out trumps the never-ending goal that being perfect creates.

So does trusting and listening to yourself—first and last.

Laughing, Writing or Dancing Away Stress

Stress can build up, moment to moment, day by day, month by month—and quickly build to overwhelm. We know that if we do not deal with stress, it will linger, yet there are fun ways to counteract it.

So much so, our offices are filled with laughter. We like the theory of out-joying stress. Dancing to your favourite music; and listening to positive vibrations. Belly laughing and celebrating the wins. And taking a walk in the fresh air away from technology when it all gets too much.

Another tool is to write all the overwhelm—out of your head—and on to paper. Writing all your thoughts, worries, stresses, and tasks into a notebook, to give you a mental rest. (We have a great tool below!)

These are some of the simple ways we find our way back to balance.

DIY Meditation

While we follow a myriad of meditation styles, we like to also find the Zen of meditation in day-to-day activities.

For some it looks like being truly present in the moment while completing mundane chores. Or taking time to allow your mind to float away with the sounds of binaural beats.

Cooking, gardening, surfing, and a host of cherished physical past-times can also put us into a state of rest and recuperation.

Swapping out relaxation for meditation is a lot more achievable for the over-active mind.

Feeling Stuck? Retrace your Thoughts

If you’re overloaded mentally and can’t seem to move forward—it happens to all of us.

A great technique is to come back to your center, retrace your thoughts and journal about the energy that is keeping you feeling stuck.

Try this writing practice:

  • How did I get here?
  • What am I most worried about
  • What are the things stopping me moving forward?
  • What is the one thought I can’t move past?
  • What is one action step I can take today to free myself?

Living sustainably also means looking at where you are losing energy in your life.

Are you losing your energy to indecision perhaps? Or to worry, doubt, or uncertainty?

When we’re stuck for what to do next, we like to remember that creation is the opposite of stagnation. Even a tiny step forward today will feel better tomorrow.

Take Each Day as it Comes

Dreams, goals, and big plans are great; we’re all big dreamers at KORA.

However, with change and uncertainty being the constant we’ve known for the past few years. This year it may help to be fluid and flexible with planning.

Embracing the now helps us live with greater presence and take joy from the little things in daily life.

Opting for preference over attachment is a great skill to practice for a more graceful life. 

Practice a New Earth-loving Monthly Hobby

We find that sustainability and creativity go hand in hand.

Make a new hobby to bring in more sustainable ways for to live. We have some excellent ideas and we will be growing this list as we create more ourselves.

Find fun ways to recycle more, use less, and swap transportation for movement.

As they say:“Be the change you want to see in the world. 



Keep it clear, consistent, and certified organic and you cannot go wrong. 

When a skincare routine, or any self-care routine, is not clear—we may consciously, or unconsciously, avoid it.

To embrace glowing skin, we suggest making your AM and PM routines as consistent as brushing your teeth.

Ask our team what your best routine is today. We are more than happy to share our wisdom.

The more happy faces we see the happier we are!


This month we will share a number of fun ways to self-nurture and self-connect to continue thriving through 2022.

Much love,

KORA Organics xxx


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