How To Get Back Into Your Workout Routine

How To Get Back Into Your Workout Routine

Updated on 4th December 2020 at 8:03 am

Diana Newton, co-creator of Fitmix Studio in Los Angeles, gives us some tips on how to get back into your workout routine (if you had a mini breakup)!

LIFE HAPPENS! And it should happen. Kids, vacations, injuries, work – all these things can derail a beautiful fitness routine – please do not beat yourself up about it because that can add to the stress. Instead, just get back into it. Struggling to find motivation? Here’s a few tips that may help get you back in action.

Meditate on it

Find a quiet moment to be inside your body and listen to what it needs.  Let that influence where you start. Maybe you are rundown – book a yoga class.  Maybe you are stressed – join a run club.  But don’t force yourself to do something wrong for your current state – that will only force you further back.

Write down some wellness goals

Avoid writing destructive/negative goals like ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘stop eating (fill in the blank)’.  Set positive intentions such as ‘Sleep deeper and longer’ or ‘feel sexy in my pyjamas’. Take a moment to think about the connection between being active and reaching those goals.

Invest in some functional and cute new activewear

It’s important to have workout gear that fits your body and gets you excited to get moving. Extra credit if you go for bright colors because then you can’t ignore it in your closet.

Make a fitness date with an active friend

NOT a friend you are competitive with. Just a friend that you know you can relax around and get a little sweaty.

Book a boutique fitness class in your neighborhood

It needs to be close so that you can’t create excuses not to get there.  Also try to book something in the morning before you get bogged down with the business of life.  Boutique studios usually offer more constructive personal attention and most have a cancellation policy involving extras fees for not showing up… this can be a great motivator to keep you honest and from not bailing out.

Tell your kids, spouse, neighbor that you are going to workout today

The best way to make something happen is to say it’s going to happen.  Plus if your kids are anything like mine – they will be SURE to ask you a million questions about it.  LOL.

Go on a fitness retreat

Even just a single day retreat. If you have the time & budget this is an amazing and fun way to get back on track. Everything is planned for you, so there are no excuses and you are well supported.

Every now and then we need a break, whether intentional or not, but the most important thing is to remember you can get back into it! A little motivation goes a long way.

Diana xo

Diana Newton is the co creator of Fitmix Studio in Los Angeles. She specializes in private Reformer Pilates & High Intensity Interval Coaching for all fitness levels. Diana is also a featured fitness expert and celebrity trainer in the media. | @dinewt


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