How to Enhance Your Face Cleanser Routine

How to Enhance Your Face Cleanser Routine

Updated on 24th May 2022 at 11:23 pm

Do I cleanse morning and night? What is double cleansing? We’ve got answers! We lay down everything you need to know about cleansing, and why it’s the foundation of having healthy, beautiful skin.

Cleansing is skincare 101, it’s the first step of your skincare routine and one of the most important. Your face cleanser routine will impact the effectiveness of your entire routine as cleansing allows mists, serums, moisturizers, oils and treatment products to go deeper into your skin and work their magic!


The morning cleanse is a vital part of your routine as our skin undergoes a natural elimination, repair and regeneration process while we sleep. Cleansing in the morning helps to remove dirt, sweat or dead skin cells that have built up overnight.


Having a face cleansing routine at night is an absolute must, especially cleansing before going to bed. An evening cleanse helps to remove dirt, dust, sunscreen, makeup, environmental pollutants and any germs that have built-up on the surface of your skin throughout the day. If we’re not washing away the impurities properly, it could potentially contribute to aging and breakouts. 


Double cleansing is an effective way to wash your face at the end of your day to ensure all the impurities are removed.It involves washing your face twice, just like how you shampoo twice, it essentially works the same way.

The first cleanse will breakdown and remove the impurities sitting on the top layer of your skin. Use an oil-based cleanser like our Cream or Gentle Cleanser that houses beautiful essential oils. The second cleanse will help to remove any residue buildup and cleanses deeper into your skin and pores, leaving it feeling fresh and clean, and ready for the next steps!You can choose any one of our three cleansers to use for the second cleanse.

Miranda loves to use the Cream Cleanser and Foaming Cleanser for her double cleanse routine.

Be sure to listen and look for what your skin needs and double cleanse only when needed.

“One piece of advice you’ll always hear from me is about the importance of cleansing, especially before bed to remove any make up, sunscreen, dirt or environmental pollution. But it’s equally important to ensure you’re using a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.” – Miranda Kerr 


Your skin’s natural oils are necessary in providing a protective barrier to keep your skin happy and healthy. Stripping your skin of its protective barrier can result in an imbalance and overproduction of sebum leading to pimples, blemishes, clogged pores and rashes. You can see why It’s important to ensure you use a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. KORA Organics cleansers are formulated to effectively and gently cleanse your skin without compromising the barrier, and restoring the skins optimal balance and pH level. All our cleansers are created with a balanced pH level between 4.5 and 5.5, ideal for the healthy skin.


Cleanse for around 30-60 seconds, gently massaging in circular motions with lukewarm water. Water that is cold has less ability to loosen dirt and grime—and water that is too hot can dry out or irritate your skin unnecessarily. 


Our cleansers are soap-free and great for all skin types. However, each one houses a different formula that delivers a unique cleansing experience, so the choice is yours!


With certified organic ingredients of Aloe Vera, Avocado, Macadamia Nut and Rosehip Oils, our luxurious Cream Cleanser helps to cleanse, nourish and restore moisture. It’s also a great cream for men to use for shaving as it soothes and hydrates simultaneously!

“I especially reach for this cleanser after a long day at a photoshoot or event. It helps remove heavy makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean.” – Miranda 

See Miranda’s Tips and Tricks for our Cream Cleanser


Our Gentle Cleanser is formulated with certified organic Noni Fruit, Chamomile and Calendula Extracts combined with Avocado Oil to soothe and calm your skin. These properties allow you to gently and effectively cleanse delicate, sensitive skin, leaving it feeling fresh and soft.

“When my skin is feeling sensitive from too much makeup, travel or sun exposure, I use this cleanser because it is so gentle and soothing on my skin.” – Miranda


A gel consistency for a deep cleanse, Certified Organic Noni Fruit, Green Tea Extracts, Sandalwood Oil and Aloe Vera rinse away impurities while still being able to keep your skin hydrated. Our Foaming Cleanser provides you with a fresh and uplifting experience.

“I like to use this cleanser in the morning because it wakes my skin up and leaves it feeling fresh and energized.” – Miranda

Start and end your day with cleansers that are toxin-free and don’t strip the skin of its natural oils. Now with your skin beautifully cleansed, it’s best prepared for the next steps in your routine!

KORA Organics xxx


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