How the Full Moon Affects Us

How the Full Moon Affects Us

In light of the ‘Snow Moon’ peaking this weekend, we caught up with LA based Astrologer, Toni Scalera, who shared how this February full moon will affect us. Letting go is on the horizon for this full luna in Leo, and skincare fanatics celebrate, because elevating your beauty ritual is also encouraged during this time! Check out our Q&A with Toni below to learn about this full moon and how you can embrace the excitement of ‘bold, new beginnings’.

Q. How does a full moon affect us and what can we expect?

TONI SCALERA: All the planets in our system and beyond have certain vibrations that interact with each other, and with us! The perfect example of this is a full moon. The moon represents emotion and the sun represents reason. In a full moon, we have reason and emotion in direct opposition to each other so emotions and self-awareness will be heightened during this time. You can expect for more events to happen on a full moon. A full moon’s purpose is to shine a light literally and metaphorically. The full moon occurring on the 9th of February is a new moon in Leo, which will reveal things typically concealed.

Q. What do you anticipate from this new moon?

TONI SCALERA: The sun is in Aquarius and the moon is in Leo. Leo is the sign of the lion, so all signs can expect excitement! The sun is the ruler of the Leo, which means a burst of creativity and enthusiasm. Expect increased creativity, and more exposure to altruistic activity. Leo has to do with how you present yourself, and this full moon trines (at a 120-degree angle) Venus in Aries (beauty relating to the head and face). Aries also suggests new beginnings, so when these aspects are all combined, it’s a perfect time to experience a new skincare ritual and to enhance communication about beauty and self-care – especially your own beauty and care.  

Q. What do you find particularly powerful about this new moon?

TONI SCALERA: Once the full moon is complete, the moon starts losing light, suggesting a time for review and self-reflection, which is ever more important in these rather turbulent times, and seems harder for most of us to find time for. Now is a good time to cleanse anything in your life that isn’t serving you. Whether it’s cleaning your closet, starting healthy or holistic eating, or letting go of emotional and physical things that are no longer serving you, now is a time to let go and prepare for  new beginnings at the next new moon in two weeks. This is a very cosmic year – we’ve already had a solar eclipse (like a powerful new moon) on Christmas day, followed by a lunar eclipse (like a powerful full moon) on January 10th. Before we get to the end of this year, we will have had seven eclipses so expect both bold new beginnings as well as major opportunities for self-reflection throughout this entire year.

Q. Why is this new moon dubbed the “Full Snow Moon?”

TONI SCALERA: The Snow Moon is called so by Native peoples, and it refers to the time when snow is on the ground.  Consequently, activities (or lack thereof in the wintertime) are slowed down, allowing for more introspection from humans and animals in hibernation. Now is a good time to meditate, let go of what no longer serves you, and dream for the future.

Q. What activities or rituals should be done to harness the energy of a full moon?

TONI SCALERA: Full moons are a time for “letting go”- of emotions, activities, habits, and so on, that no longer serve your main purpose.  So you don’t want to charge your crystals on a full moon, you want to cleanse them by submerging them in salt, which neutralizes the energy in them, and cleanses them for future use. Leave them there for two weeks until the next new moon. Then wash them in soap and water, and rinse.  Then you can energize them for something new. If you’re already working a crystal for something which has not yet manifested, leave it as it is and continue to work it. Salt – also a crystal – neutralizes the energy in a crystal, and cleanses it of all vibrations. I encourage taking a self-inventory during this time and reflecting on negative habits and patterns, whether personal or professional. Identify what areas of your life that need improvement whether it’s having thicker boundaries, being more organized or improving your communication style. This is a cleansing and purifying period. On the next new moon take your crystal that you’ve cleansed and purified and charge it again and work the crystal until your desire – or its divine equivalent – has manifested.

Toni Scalera has studied, consulted, taught, and written about Astrology, the Qabalistic Tarot, Power Animal Medicine, and other metaphysical subjects for more than 45 years.  She has lectured across the United States, and in Europe as well. 

In Astrology, Toni interprets natal, relationship, business and reconstruction charts, as well as horary charts (where a chart is set up for the moment a seeker asks a question, the resulting chart determining the answer). She also specializes in the Spiritual Qabalistic Tarot, and in Power Animal Medicine, having devoted a lifetime of study in these subjects as well. 

In consulting, Toni seeks to assist clients in expanding their talents and abilities, in dealing with current dilemmas, and orienting them toward a more peaceful, joyful, balanced life.  As a presenter, Toni’s goal is to engage participants in a positive and entertaining fashion, as well as involve them in their own successful learning experiences and best outcomes. 


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