How To Boost Spiritual Health

How To Boost Spiritual Health

Updated on 24th December 2023 at 4:38 pm

This time of year calls us to go deeply within ourselves, yet how do we honor or practice this with all the digital technology asking us to keep our focus outward most of the time.

For me, as I make a conscious effort to touch base within myself, the key is to be mindful of the digital world and my relationship to it. It isn’t so much about disregarding it or completely letting it go, it is about finding balance.

Moving into the later part of the year, we begin to feel the need to slow down. It is a fast paced world out there and you maybe asking yourself, how do I take a moment in my packed schedule, or, slow down long enough to honor my feelings?

When I began writing this, it inspired me and reminded me of what I needed, so I immediately went outside.

I heard the sounds of Nature calling me and when she calls… listen.

Below are some tips and suggestions for moving into this holiday season:

 One | Connect With Nature

If you work from home, then you most likely find yourself stuck in front of a computer or phone most of the day.

It is so important to have breaks and little re-sets throughout the day. Set a timer! Like the one I just started using called Befocused where you work for 25 minutes and then have 5 minute breaks to step away.

When you step away – go outside. Lay on the grass, or lay in the sun. Close your eyes and breath the air outside for a few minutes. Stand with bare feet on the grass, dirt or sand and close your eyes… breathe and connect with mother earth.

When we connect with nature, it grounds us, shifts us out of the worry/anxious state.

Two | Add Some Activity

This will give you perspective, increase creativity and clear your field, (your aura) to allow more space in your work day and within your mind.

Three | Meditation

Try this Kundalini yoga meditation to calm and clear the mind:

To Still a Restless Mind

Posture: sit in cross legged position or in a chair with feet flat on the floor.

Hands/Mudra: Arms are relaxed and hands fold into lap or any meditative posture.

Breath: normal breathing through the nose. Open the mouth as wide as possible and touch the tongue to the upper palate of the mouth.

Eyes: focus at the tip of the nose. Eyes 1/10th open. Time: 3 to 11 minutes.

Although we may not be able to completely dis-engage from our digital devices and media, being conscious of our digital activity is key.

When we approach anything with awareness and a sense of self, we can in-corporate balance in all that we do and engage in.

I hope these simple tips can help improve your mental, physical and emotional health and better your life for the good.

Love and Blessings, 


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Onkar is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, healer, and meditative counselor with over 15 years of experience. Based in Austin, she is known for her approachable methods in accessing the technology of Kundalini Yoga, her 1.1 mentorships, and her powerful 7-, 14- and 40-day immersions that promote healing of the mind, body, and soul. Onkar is a frequent contributor to mainstream publications and wellness brands, and her love for teaching and meditation shines through in her nurturing and compassionate approach.

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