The Holiday Rest & Relaxation Guide

The Holiday Rest & Relaxation Guide

Updated on 19th December 2023 at 7:00 pm

We love to wind down from the year that has been with gratitude and self-loving practices in the moments before the new year begins. With rest and recuperate being our current focus, we have penned the many ways we rest and embrace inner stillness.

Miranda likes to call on meditation as a daily tool: “Meditation has been extremely helpful for me to relieve stress. I try to meditate every morning for 20 minutes.” 

We’re also inspired by the art of calm that our lovely contributors have shared throughout 2022—for true holiday R & R.

Nourish Your Mind

Breathwork to Connect to You

Coming back to the breath is our favored way to slow down—and the first thing we suggest to do to embrace rest when we are tightly wound.

We find it first slows our body, then our mind. This breathwork practice  from Chanel Mulcahy embraces the gentle ritual of release, which is a valuable tool for any holiday season.

A Self Loving Yoga Nidra Ritual 

This self-honoring practice  is an invitation to open ourselves to our deepest desires and create a space for them to blossom.

Sole Weller shares how to fill our cup with gracious self-love—to be able to give more to the world around us.

A Wind Down Journaling Practice 

We adore writing as a way to touch our inner well, and journaling is a tool our team embrace to learn ourselves. As well as to choose gratitude for all that we have received, seemingly positive and negative.

Tamarin Oblotwitz has kindly shared a professional tool to reflect on what has been, to then get the most of our what is to come. We like to practice this journaling ritual—for sacred “me time.”

Acceptance As A Tool To Surrender

A way we deal with challenge is to honor and embrace acceptance first, as difficult as it can be. From there, the ability to connect to our inner self is made easier and we can begin to unwind and untangle from an experience.

This adored and revered sentiment is penned in detail by Katie Beecher here,  with her usual kindness and guidance in the often difficult process of surrender.

The Self Care Sweet Spot

To harness balance, we like to remind ourselves that while self-care is important, the need to relax and just be is often more so.

We were moved by what Tamarin Oblowitz and Katie Beecher said about making sure your self-care routine is a positive one—without overindulging in self-care habits that create further stress.

Crystal Bath Recipe

One of the kindest things we like to do for ourselves is to embrace solitude and surrender, and bathe away stress.

Miranda loves to take a bath of an evening, and we were inspired by this ritual recipe to make the experience as nourishing as possible.

How to Use Body Oil | Relaxing Skin Rituals With A Twist 

A Baking Meditation 

Not all of us relax with stillness and solitude, many of us enjoy fusing mindfulness practices with an adored hobby or skill.

We enjoyed reading how Holly Kent, our food writer and photographer, embraces the art of baking—to conjure calm with creative pursuits.

Unwinding into Silence

The journey to stillness can often seem daunting for a busy mind, yet we revere the way Amy Shea creates calm in her daily environment.

Her message is to create moments to surrender to stillness—and savor silence on a deeper level. Sound good? You might like this sweet read! 

Conscious Gifting 

Sometimes gifting can be overwhelming, with too many, or not enough choices for the ones we love.

We always like to come back to the sentiment of the present of presence, to be aware and present in our bodies, our minds, our energy—and calm in our heart.

If you’re seeking a last minute gift, you might like our Holiday Gifting or Miranda’s Gift Guide for some last minute inspiration.

We wish you the happiest of seasons in relaxation or celebration—or both.

We are looking forward for a presence-filled 2023 with you all.

With love,

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