How To Get Healthy Nails | Healthy & Unbreakable
Updated on 19th December 2023 at 8:13 pm

How To Get Healthy Nails | Healthy & Unbreakable

We asked Miranda’s nail artist to share her wisdom on what makes nails healthy—both internally and externally. 

Kim speaks all things nutrition and nail care, finishing with her top tips for long and luscious nails.

KORA: What creates healthy nails?

Kim: Adequate nutrients and vitamins help support the growth for strong healthy nails, from within. Changes in the physical appearance of nails can indicate nutrient deficiencies. Healthy nails are clear of white spots, ridges, peeling, discoloration etc. 

KORA: What supplements help?

Kim: Studies show biotin (vitamin B7) is effective for weak and brittle nails. Collagen and iron also help to build nail strength. 

KORA: Do you suggest cuticle massage?

Kim: Yes absolutely. Massaging the cuticle area stimulates blood flow which in turn promotes nail growth. Also massaging with a cuticle oil helps keep the nail plate moisturized and helps to extend the life of your polished manicure. 

KORA: How do we get long, luscious nails without breaking?

Kim: Start internally with a healthy nutrient rich diet. Keep hands and cuticles moisturized with a rich cream and nail oil. 

Happy and Healthy Nails


KORA: What can we do for brittle nails?

Kim: Wear gloves when doing household chores to avoid too much moisture or harsh chemicals. Take supplements such as biotin to thicken and strengthen nails. Don’t use your nails as tools and keep them moisturized. 

KORA: How can we make them grow?

Kim: Supplements, vitamins and a healthy diet can help promote healthy nail growth. Regular nail carefree of extensions or damaging nail enhancements can also help make nails grow. Also, do not excessively push, pick, or bite at your cuticles and nails. Massage the cuticle area and apply cuticle cream/oil several times throughout the day. 

5 Tips For Healthy Nails 

  1. Maintain a healthy diet and take daily vitamins including collagen and biotin which promotes nail growth and strength.
  2. Nourish hands, cuticles and nail beds with cream or oil.
  3. Keep manicures regular and clean underneath the tips with a nail brush to keep bacteria away.
  4. Protect your hands/nails by wearing gloves when cooking, gardening, painting, etc. 
  5. Use clean nail care products and polishes.


Kim Truong is a leading nail technician in Hollywood and has worked with many famous clients while being featured in numerous esteemed publications.

Clients rely on Kim for her intricate detail and dedication to perfecting manicures, pedicures, acrylics, and nail art. Her calm demeanor and professionalism set her apart from other artists in the industry.



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