A Green Cream Superfood For Glowing Skin

A Green Cream Superfood For Glowing Skin

Updated on 20th December 2023 at 10:12 am

We want to share the hero ingredients behind our new Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer that we call a green juice superfood for your skin.

We love our new hydration-hero as it is super refreshing while calming, soothing & evening skin tone.

The Certified Organic lightweight moisturizer is a gel-like, bouncy formulation that provides long-lasting hydration—without any excess shine.

We chose sustainably sourced, powerful active ingredients to deliver a burst of hydration and anti-aging properties for healthy and radiant skin.

“I love this lightweight bouncy gel moisturizer; it delivers lasting hydration and keeps my skin smooth without excess shine.” – Miranda Kerr, Founder & CEO

Superfood Skincare

Beauty In The Blend

We believe that there is “Beauty is in the Blend”—and this superfood cocktail is our new favorite.

Our Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer delivers powerful results thanks to its potent blend of active ingredients—Green Algae, Green Tea, Alpine Rose, & Swiss Glacier Water.

We delve into their benefits below!

Green Algae

We chose Green Algae to improve moisture levels while helping to strengthen the skin. Green Algae contains algal lipid fractions—which are powerful free radical scavengers that fight against the appearance of aging.

We love this ingredient for its protective and regenerative qualities; blooming with natural trace Minerals, Vitamins, and Essential Amino Acids to deeply soothe and smooth your complexion.

Green Algae delivers a potent cocktail of goodness, to fight the good fight, against aging skin. All while helping to visibly improve fine lines and firmness.

GREEN ALGAE for superfood skincare

Green Tea

We love a cup of Green Tea at KORA Organics—and we love Green Tea for the skin too!

This nutrient-dense ingredient and incredible antioxidant is revered for everything from acne to anti-aging. With its soothing anti-inflammatory properties, it’s called to soften and even out skin tone.

Natural anti-microbial properties make it your best friend for blemish-prone skin—which is why it has found its way into our newest formulation: to purify and protect.

This hero ingredient also helps to bring calm and balance to your skin, being rich in Vitamins B & C, Essential Fatty Acids & Magnesium—for added radiance.

Superfood Skincare with GREEN TEA

Alpine Rose

We also love a rose.

Especially an alpine one that can bloom in its extreme winter environment and still look its best.

The Alpine Rose’s ability to adapt helps your skin adapt too. This is because the ingredient nurtures the skin’s barrier function. Protecting you from environment aggressors that are trying to steal your youthful looks.

You can see why we chose it, to boost your hydration and radiance—and ultimately join the other ingredients in preventing premature signs of aging.

It’s also loved for its ability to enhance the skin’s natural radiance and bring balance to your skin tone.

ALPINE ROSE superfood ingredient for our skincare.

Swiss Glacier Water

We have sourced glacial water from the most stunning of alpine destinations.

This mineral-rich glacial water is delivered from the alps of Switzerland, with purity and purpose for the skin.

We sourced this special H20 and encapsulated it into liposomes to enhance penetration into the skin, for deep and long-lasting hydration.

Swiss Glacial Water is rich in minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium to again boost your radiance and invite a natural glow.

It joins the above hero ingredients to bring about smooth and supple skin that is soft to touch—without the shine.


Aquamarine Crystal

Our new Active Algae is energized with Aquamarine, a stone believed to help calm and soothe your energy.

We love the lore of this crystal. With its rich oceanic history, Aquamarine is said to generate tranquillity by carrying the soothing vibration of a calm ocean within it.

It is also quite an interesting parallel, that as our bodies are made primarily of water—when we align to the calming nature of this stone—we may be able to invite equilibrium for our health and well-being.

Following the same sentiment, we love Aquamarine to quieten a noisy mind, inspire mental clarity, and bring about inner calm.

The NEW Invigorating Body Scrub

The KORA Clean Code

Our promise to you.

All KORA Organics skincare is cruelty-free and formulated with highly active, Certified Organic, ingredients that deliver powerful results—leaving your skin healthy, glowing and radiant. 

Our new Active Algae Lightweight Moisturizer is no exception.

It hydrates, soothes and evens skin tone to deliver clinically powerful results for all skin types. So much so:

  • 98% said their skin feels calmed and soothed
  • 94% said their skin looks more even toned.

We promise that you—and your skin—are going to love it.

Much love,

KORA Organics


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