Get Grounded: 5 Rituals to Come Home to Ourselves

Get Grounded: 5 Rituals to Come Home to Ourselves

The 3 “P’s” of 2020, pandemic, protests, presidential election, have turned our worlds upside down + caused collective + individual loss. 2020, a year that’s testing us to our deepest core. The whirlwind of unprecedented events has led us into a perpetual state of ungrounding, life-changing moments. We have been invited into the deepest waters, unanchored, swimming through waves of change just trying to keep our heads above the surface to survive, adapting our daily routines + rituals, and grieving many losses. 2020 has also offered us the opportunity to slow down + reflect upon our core values + what we care deeply about. I invite you to come home to yourself + find solid ground within + flip the 3 “P’s” to focus on presence, persistence, patience. 

Being ungrounded is a worldwide epidemic. And a root cause of unhappiness + suffering. Lately it feels like we are leaves blowing in the wind, vulnerable, unbalanced, and disconnected. In order to lovingly show up for ourselves + each other, we need to feel grounded. When we are grounded, we are like a big, strong tree, centered + connected with Mother Earth. 

Even if chaos surrounds us, we are at home + peace with ourselves + completely aware + conscious of the present moment.

During these times, how have you come home to yourself? How do you get centered + stay present?

We can ground ourselves in many forms of wellness. Keep reading for 5 grounding rituals to steady ourselves + bring our body, mind, spirit back to the present moment + connected to Mother Earth. These rituals will help us get + stay rooted in our body, clear our mind + find clarity, calm + balance our emotions, elevate our mood + lift our spirits.

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1. Nurture in Nature

Go outside. Stand barefoot, walk, or lay on Mother Earth. Feel the connection. Tilt your face towards the sun + feel the warmth on your skin. Stop and smell the roses. Listen to the wind + the rustling of the leaves. Find your way to the ocean + listen to the rhythm of the crashing waves. Wash your spirit clean.

2. Stand like a Tree

Get rooted in your physical body. Stand with feet hip distance apart, spine straight, head tall, chin slightly tucked in + parallel to Mother Earth, hands by your side. Sink all of your weight into your feet. Imagine you have roots in your feet extending deep into the soil of the earth. They steady + nurture us. Root into Mother Earth. Ground into her vibrations. Trust you are safe, protected, and supported.

3. Find your Breathe

Close your eyes. Place your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your navel. Notice how you are breathing. Release any tension in your body. Relax your face + shoulders. Let it all go. Surrender. Letting the body lead, follow breathe with your mind as you inhale deeply through the nose deep into your diaphragm. Keep that breathe long + deep. 

4. Walking Meditation

Find a nature trail, grassy area, or the beach. Barefoot, sense the texture of the earth beneath your feet. Step forward with one foot and slowly move your weight onto it. Begin walking slowly, while continuing long, deep breathing. Breathe in time with each step. Use your whole foot – heel, ball, toes. Stay present with breathe + your surrounding environment.

5. Soak in a Salt + Essential Oil Bath

Come home from your adventure in nature. Draw a warm bath filled with Epsom or Himalayan salt + your favorite essential oil. Light a candle. As you soak, relax into the restorative + healing energy. Allow the water to cleanse your body, mind + heart.

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Welcome home. May these grounding rituals bring peace to your heart, presence to your mind, and a deep physical connection to Mother Earth. 

Much love + many blessings,

Amy XO


“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” 
– Khalil Gibran

Amy Shea is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, meditative healer, and transition coach. She also offers strategic talent guidance to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with a focus on social good. Amy lives in the Ojai valley where she finds joy in spending her days sharing yoga, hiking the local trails, and cooking up healing, comfort foods.

Amy brings her love and wisdom of teaching and coaching to offer heart-opening and peaceful experiences that will help connect and heal the body, mind, and soul and allow you to discover your authentic self.


* Image credit: Jesse Biltz @jessebiltz 
   Clothing: Alo Yoga @aloyoga.

Amy Shea Grounding blog

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  1. Patricia O'Loan

    I loved your article on the 5 rituals as an aid to becoming grounded during these challenging times. Many thanks.

    Patricia O’Loan

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    Omg I just saw your posts and blogs,what an incredible talent of expression.Thank you for all the advice,and thank you to Miranda for posting such wonderful,beautiful,educational posts on her Kora website..thank you,..NAMASTE..please keep posting


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