Want Gorgeously Healthy Hair?

Want Gorgeously Healthy Hair?

Updated on 26th May 2022 at 11:44 pm
Ericka Verrett is a hairstylist attuned to A-list fashion photography and red-carpet looks. She’s worked with some of the most elite names yet her style is simple and she honors down-to-earth hair routines above all. Miranda’s go-to hairstylist and friend, Ericka, shares with us the ease of how to get gorgeously healthy hair, without overkill!

KORA: Any tips for gorgeously healthy hair?

Ericka: Absolutely! Every head of hair is different and therefore requires different things. Something as simple as letting your hair air-dry more often than blow-drying could be an option for some parched heads of hair. If you are the person who washes your hair daily, maybe try switching it up to every other day. Let that hair breathe!

KORA: Any secrets to brushing or combing hair, to keep it healthy?

Ericka: I’m not so sure if it’s a secret, but brushing your hair when it’s soaking wet is a terrible idea and not something I would recommend. Hair is fragile when it’s wet and therefore brushing it in that state can cause breakage. Make sure it’s a least been towel/air dried before you attempt to detangle your hair! My favorite tool for wet and dry hair is a Sheila Stotts brush.

KORA: When it comes to using blow dryers and hair straighteners, how can we get the style, yet keep the health?

Ericka: We can maintain our hairs’ integrity by using the right tools and products, combined. I prefer a little heat protectant spray before using any hot tools.

Pro tip: If your hair is wet, give your hair a little rough finger dry before you start your actual blowout. This helps cut time while maintaining its health.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer & Sheila Stotts brush

Secondly, always make sure the nozzle on your dryer is facing down the hair shaft, and use even tension when using the brush/dryer in tandem. You will see the shine and body vastly improve.

KORA: Does choosing the hair products matter?

Ericka: Yes, of course. Again, there are so many different hair textures that require different maintenance regiments. Having said that, remember to keep it simple and don’t overthink it. The right products for your hair type do matter in maintaining its integrity and performance. One of my favorite product lines is Reverie. It’s so universal and really does work wonders for ALL hair types… not to mention, it’s certified organic. Their hero product Milk is great for all hair types. It tames frizz in fine and coarse hair textures and dries absolutely weightless. It’s a restorative leave-in treatment that not only heals & protects, but smells absolutely divine. Check out the entire line.

KORA: Do you have any DIY treatments you can recommend? 

Ericka: I’m loving DIY pre-shampoo balms. They’re so easy and ideal for hair that needs some TLC – and I actually have a recipe using the KORA Organics Noni Glow Body Oil! It’s very simple:  A spoonful of coconut oil mixed with a few pumps of Noni Glow Body Oil, or avocado oil. The combination leaves hair gorgeously silky and smooth; perfect for fragile hair. Use it on dirty hair for ten minutes before shampooing. If you have fine hair, refrain from using conditioner after, maybe just a dab a little on the ends.

KORA: Have often do you use the DIY balm?

Ericka: Well, it comes down to timing and what your hair needs. All hair is different. If you can do it 1-2 times a month, your hair will thank you!

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