Full Body Supermodel Workout

Full Body Supermodel Workout

Updated on 17th June 2022 at 12:56 am

Miranda and I began working together when Flynn (her oldest) was just a few months old. We have trained together through multiple Victoria’s Secret shows and Fashion Week seasons, in New York and in Paris! Below are some of Miranda’s favorite Ballet Beautiful moves to get runway ready, fast! These exercises all focus on building lean muscle tone and beautiful posture. They are great for flexibility too.

Miranda is often traveling and on the go so when we work together one of my goals is to help her maximize her time. While our first workout was in my Soho studio, we often train in hotel rooms, at home and even on set. Miranda loves our super effective, do anywhere ballet-inspired exercises and I hope that you will too! 

For a limited time, we are offering KORA readers 50% off the first month of our amazing online Custom Workout subscription with the code: KORABB. These workouts are some of our most advanced and feature a serious Ballet Beautiful burn! 

Depending on your fitness level and goals, you can mix in our Supermodel workouts with your regular Ballet Beautiful playlist for extra pow; or try my sample workout week of intense Supermodel Training, Ballet Beautiful Style!



I love the way that this move targets and sculpts sleek muscle through the abs and core. 

  1. Begin on the mat with both knees straight. 
  2. Bend one knee and take both arms up above the head, drop one arm down as you move your upper body back, looking at the hand and pulling in tight with the stomach. 
  3. Suck the stomach in as you lift the upper body up again, turning to face front. 
  4. Pull in the abs and bring the arms together into fifth position over the head. 
  5. Repeat 2-3 sets of 8 on one side, stretch and change sides.
Ballet abs with a twist supermodel body workout


This exercise is a supermodel must! All of the models go wild for these outer thigh exercises and their serious results! 

  1. Begin lying on the mat on one side. 
  2. Keeping the hips turned in, pull the stomach in tight, stretch the top knee long as you lift and extend the leg up off of the mat, and taking the arm up. 
  3. Lower the legs together and lift up to 50 degrees again, keeping the hips turned in. 
  4. Repeat 4-5 sets of 8. Repetition here is key! For extra challenge add a set of 1lb weights to your legs!
Hips and Thigh Tightener Full Body Supermodel Workout


This workout targets the back of the legs and butt, adding lift and tone to the booty, along with strength and tone through the lower back. 

  1. Stretch out on the mat, lying on your stomach. 
  2. Stretch both legs back and take one arm front. 
  3. Lift the opposite leg off of the floor and bend the knee. 
  4. Pull the abs in tight, lower the knee to the floor and lift again. 
  5. Repeat 4 sets of 8.
Ballerina Butt and Lower Back Strengthener Workout


This exercise adds strength and tone to the upper body, back and core. It is fabulous for sculpting beautiful posture!

  1. Find a comfortable position on the floor with the front knee bent and the back leg straight. 
  2. Sit up high, pulling in tight through the stomach. Lower the arms and stretch them out to the sides, but keeping the fingers on the floor. 
  3. Lift from the wrists and elbows, until the hands are just above the shoulders. 
  4. Bend the elbows and wrists, adding resistance to the arms as you lower. 
  5. Lift and repeat 3 sets of 8. Stretch and change legs, repeat.


This cool down stretch is a wonderful stress reliever and relaxant for the muscles in the back of the legs and hips. 

  1. Begin seated on the floor with both knees straight. 
  2. Bend the upper body forward and take the hands down towards the feet, aiming to hold onto the toes.
  3. Release the breath and hold for a minimum of 30 seconds.
Classic Hamstring Stretch for Full Body Workout

Much love,
Mary Helen xx

Image credit: All images are of Ballerina, Mary Helen Bowers, courtesy of Ballet Beautiful. 

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mary Helen trained at Manhattan’s prestigious School of American Ballet before being invited to join the New York City Ballet at age 16. Mary Helen danced for a decade with New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center and on stages around the world before founding Ballet Beautiful.

Mary Helen personally trained Natalie Portman for her Award winning role in Black Swan, bringing ballet fitness into the spotlight as never before. At the heart of the Ballet Beautiful method is Mary Helen’s expertise, and the exquisite grace, beauty and strength that are the essence of a ballerina’s form. Ballet Beautiful’s transformative online classes and life-changing Custom Workout subscription are beloved by members in over 130 countries around the world.
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  1. Cindy

    My Mum was a Ballerina and though she is not here, her Spirit lives in and through me when I dance. I keep a pair of her ballet shoes in my bag, feeling her love, grace, elegance, sweetness and beauty with each piano note, dance move and teacher’s words in every class I take. Ballet Beautiful is an essential part of my life, soothing, strengthening, lengthening, beautifying my body, mind and soul, reminding me of my essential nature. As a Mum, wife, business owner, caring for our home, garden and animals, i treasure my Ballet time to help me live a life of grace, sweetness and simple joy. Through life’s ebb and flow, mountains and valleys, exuberant happenings and devastating jolting moments, ballet instills equanimity Thank you kindly Mary, for your gifts of dance?

  2. Dilaana

    ? So joyous that you care about your clients to make such health and happiness education available.

    Profound gratitude please do continue in this way ! ?


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