Forest Bathing – Shinrin-Yoku

Forest Bathing – Shinrin-Yoku

Walking through the thick forest of tall Aspen trees this summer, when my sister-in-law (designer Shelly Rosenberg) casually mentioned that we were “forest bathing”. What an interesting term and one I had never heard before.  It actually sounded yummy and so true. I felt as if the energy of the ancient forest was charging me with magical healing. 

It was a grounding vibration that I totally needed – because this was a few weeks ago during the protests and unrest shaking the core of American life. It was also in the throes of the pandemic bringing worry and stress to every corner of the globe. Not to mention the financial recession filling us with worry and anxiety.

So, this “forest bathing” seemed like the place I needed to be. SHINRIN-YOKU is the Japanese art and science of forest bathing. Spending time in nature among the trees has been a practice used for decades for health, happiness, and bringing a sense of calm. Walking mindfully in the woods will help bring you back to your center. It is a cousin to the “grounding” practice of walking barefoot and connecting with the earth. Try sitting with your back up against a tall sturdy tree (one that calls out to you) and meditate. Use the tree energy to ground and balance you. Draw on that energy to connect with the deep roots of the earth. Connect to the deep roots of yourself.

Anita Rosenberg explains Forest Bathing

For those who are intuitives and empaths like I am, we tend to take on everyone else’s stuff – we take on energy that is not our own. I suggest taking more walks in nature this summer. Here are a few other TIPS to help you move through the current frazzled energy:

  1. Create a morning ritual. It should be whatever works for you. For those who like to meditate longer, go for it. If you have a short attention span try lighting incense, writing in a journal, listening to a guided chakra balance meditation from an app, pick an activity that helps you stay focused so you can center yourself before your day pulls you in many directions. I like to surround myself with my 4 sentient crystals (12th-dimensional energy), light incense and set my intentions for the day. Set down your crystals in clockwise order and pick them back up counter-clockwise.

  2. Light Sandalwood – incense or candle. Sandalwood is a spiritual protector used for centuries throughout Asia and India. Blissful and uplifting energy is sent out through the yummy sandalwood scent. Sandalwood comes from the heartwood in Asia, with a woody aroma that fits right in with the forest bathing idea of tapping into nature. Lighting sandalwood deflects toxic situations and toxic people.

  3. Self-healing practices include having your team of healers. I recently discovered the power of infrared saunas for deep relaxation, better sleep, detox, relief from joint pain and sore muscles, and weight loss. I can’t live without my chiropractor and have added acupuncture, Reiki, and cupping to my regime. Take good care of yourself so you can take care of loved ones.
Anita Rosenberg explains Forest Bathing
At the beginning of the year when I sent out the Chinese New Year forecast for 2020 it was predicted that this year would overall be a challenging year of roller-coaster ups and downs. If you are someone who thrives on excitement than this is the year for you. For the rest of us, find your tools of self-care and wellness. Miranda’s Wellness Wednesdays provide great insight into her personal techniques.
Sending blessings for a lovely summer.
Anita x

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Anita Rosenberg explains Forest Bathing

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