Fiercely Feminine with Fleur du Mal

Fiercely Feminine with Fleur du Mal

Jennifer Zuccarini founded lingerie and ready-to-wear fashion brand Fleur du Mal in 2012, named to speak to its “unique duality of spirit.” Zuccarini’s inspiration for her designs is drawn from the emotion attached to lingerie, featuring whimsical prints and provocative silhouettes. Her goal is to create pieces that celebrate women of all ages and sizes so they can look and feel their most confident.  

Read on for Jennifer’s Q&A with Miranda to learn more about Fleur du Mal and the woman behind it all…

What inspired you to create Fleur du Mal?  

Growing up I was always obsessed with beautiful lingerie, it’s such an emotional category. I created Fleur du Mal for women who are powerful and confident, but also enjoy embracing their femininity and sexuality, that mixed with my love for lingerie-inspired fashion, it just all came together. We believe that if a woman feels incredible and seductive in her undergarments, it can transform the way she moves through the world.  

What is the meaning behind “Fleur du Mal”?   

Fleur du Mal is derived from the title of a collection of poems by Charles Baudelaire, it speaks to the unique duality of our brand:  Beautiful and chic but with a playful, mischievous side. I was instantly drawn to the name, it just felt like the perfect fit for what I was envisioning.  

How does Fleur du Mal differ from other lingerie brands?  

I think we are leaders in the fashion lingerie space, as well as lingerie-inspired clothing like bodysuits and slip dresses, it’s also our unique voice and cheeky personality that people really enjoy, we’re not a solutions-based business, we’re truly a brand that people want to identify with, and feel proud to own and wear.  

What can we expect for the future of Fleur du Mal?  

This last year we launched two sustainable collections made from recycled fibers. We looked at hundreds of fabrics to find a beautiful recycled jersey to make our lingerie collection, and now we are using that fabric for all of our core styles in 2022. We are also moving all of our packaging to recycled paper this year. We still have a long way to go but it’s a priority for our company to keep expanding on sustainable options. I also hope when people purchase Fleur, we’re not fast fashion, it’s an investment that you hold on to and love! 

We are proud to shine a light on a brand like Fleur du Mal that celebrates women and inspires confidence while making sustainable strides. Their brand ethos aligns well with ours as we too strive to help women (and men) look and feel their best while being conscious of the environment! 


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