Empowering Women Through Clothing

Empowering Women Through Clothing

This month, we’re shining a light on Good American’s CEO & Co-founder Emma Grede, who alongside Khloé Kardashian started Good American with the intention to inspire and motivate women to look and feel their best! With a meaningful vision to marry fashion and body acceptance, Good American offers inclusive sizes ranging from 00-24. Beyond empowering women through clothing, Good American maintains the highest industry standard and is constantly innovating with fit and fabric front of mind. Their fabrics are made from sustainable recycled cotton and their denim washes produce less waste, require less manual time and reduce chemical use. Fashion forward clothing that celebrates all shapes and sizes and is environmentally conscious? Yes please!

Keep reading for Emma’s Q&A with Miranda to learn more about Good American and the future of the brand.

What inspired you to start Good American?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I really wanted to take the plunge and start something of my own after spending years working for other people in marketing — something that would make my daughter proud. When I started exploring the idea for Good American, along with Khloé Kardashian, it was clear to us that so many women were ignored by the fashion industry, and we wanted to create a brand that bridged the gap that we saw in the market.

We launched Good American in 2016 to be the first fully inclusive fashion brand that celebrates all dimensions of female power. What started as the largest denim launch in history, has now evolved into an expanded fashion line that covers all aspects of a woman’s wardrobe.

What sets Good American apart from other brands?

So many women find themselves having to sacrifice either comfort or style, and that’s a non-negotiable for our brand! We design for all women to feel comfortable in their own skin. We listen to our customers on what they need from us, whether its extended shoe sizes or swim that has the right amount of stretch. Our product development goes through multiple rounds of fit testing to ensure we’ve created a design that works with any woman who buys from us.

In what ways is Good American a pioneer in the fashion industry?

We love being “the first.” Whether it’s innovation within our product assortment or our website, we want to provide something new, exciting, and most of all, desirable to the Good American customer.

For example, we noticed our most returned denim sizes were size 14 and 16. So we created Size 15, which none of our production partners made before, but we were the first to do it because we saw the need in the numbers! We know as women that our weight fluctuates to a variety of life and health factors, even as much as five pounds in a week. Because of that, we created Always Fits, an amazing fabric innovation that allows for denim, and even swimwear, to stretch to fit a number of traditional sizes, all while making the wearer feel comfortable and polished.

Also, since we cater to women of all sizes, our e-commerce website was the first to have a built-in sizing tool to show our pieces on a wide range of bodies, from size 00 to 24.  

What can we expect from Good American in the future?

There’s so much more to come from us in the future! We’ll continue to listen to our customers to determine what they’d like to see from us, but also continue to innovate across our core categories like denim and swim with new fabrics and fits. We always have something up our sleeve and we can’t wait for people to see what’s next!

We are so excited to shine a light on Good American, a brand that celebrates the female body and prioritizes sustainability. At KORA Organics, we too aim to uplift women and help them feel their best from the inside out with our range of certified organic skincare. Together, we can inspire women and bring out their inner beauty through self-love and confidence.


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