Elevate Your Beauty Sleep with ‘The LA Facialist’

Elevate Your Beauty Sleep with ‘The LA Facialist’

In light of the newest introduction to our Certified Organic range of products, the Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum, we connected with Celebrity Facialist, Candace Marino @TheLAFacialist. Candace shares with us the importance of a PM skincare ritual and how she braids Noni Night into her nighttime routine for a more smooth, radiant, glowing complexion.

Q. Why is an evening skincare ritual so important?

CANDACE MARINO: An evening ritual is key to keeping healthy, youthful skin. Going to bed without washing your face means you’re taking all of the dirt, grime and pollution from the day to bed with you! Skin ages rapidly when free radicals and makeup sit on the skin all day- not to mention increasing the risk of breakouts, blackheads and dehydration. A good evening ritual will include thoroughly cleansing your face with a gentle, creamy cleanser and following with exfoliating the skin. This ensures that you’re really removing the elements of the day and getting the skin CLEAN to avoid buildup of dead skin cells! Nighttime is when your skin goes to work for you, so incorporating a serum that has active ingredients in your skincare routine at night will work to replenish and restore the skin.

Q. Why is it important to divide your skincare into AM and PM?

CANDACE MARINO: Morning is all about protecting the skin! Everyone needs to be on an antioxidant serum during the day to prevent environmental and sun damage that can cause collagen breakdown, sun damage and pigmentation, Noni Bright is the perfect serum to use every morning because of its potent antioxidant content. These ingredients penetrate the cells and add an extra layer of protection from the environment. Its hydrating properties warrant a major glow!

The evening is when your skin will reset and repair, because it’s not exposed to the harsh environment. Nighttime is when to incorporate regenerating actives that are best used when not exposed to sunlight. The Noni Night AHA Resurfacing Serum contains Alpha AHA and BHA’s which mildly exfoliate the skin and break down oil plugs without causing any visual shedding or downtime. It improves the skin’s texture and the appearance of pores. It also fights any free radical damage collected during the day and will repair damaged cells. The Noni Bright (AM) and Noni Night (PM) are a powerful serum duo that work together to leave your complexion, more smooth, even, and radiant than ever.

Q. What do you recommend for your client’s nighttime ritual?

CANDACE MARINO: I love using the Gentle Cleanser as the first step of the nighttime skincare ritual and following with the Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask which sloughs off dead skin cells. Next, I recommend a facial mist or toner, the Lavender Mist is not only hydrating, but the scent alone is deeply relaxing and helps calm the mind, which I always appreciate before bed! Noni Night is your power product for the evening- Its reparative and exfoliating properties will ensure a glowing, healthy complexion. The Noni Radiant Eye Oil is my all-time favorite eye product! Since the skin around the eyes doesn’t contain any sebaceous glands, our eyes depend on us for nourishment. This product helps to deeply moisturize and features caffeine which will promote circulation in the eye are to rid the under eyes of dark circles. Lastly, we can lock in all of our products with a moisturizer followed by the Noni Glow Face Oil and Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. This will warrant a hydrated and plump complexion come morning! 

Q. What are other nighttime wellness tips that you give to your clients?

CANDACE MARINO: I’m a huge advocate of facial massage. It’s my belief that a true glow comes from within and we achieve this through manipulating the tissue in the face which creates circulation and oxygenation of the blood. I love to do a deep massage with my hands using the Noni Glow Face Oil, and then will do lymphatic drainage using the Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor to reduce puffiness and inflammation. I have found that self-massage is one of the best ways to sculpt the face and remain ageless and radiant!

Candace Marino, better known by Hollywood as “The LA Facialist“, has been a medical aesthetician for over a decade, developing custom complexion protocols and unique techniques for a highly-discerning dermal clientele.

With an integrated, holistic approach to aesthetics, Candace offers a bespoke blend of advanced medical-grade care and spa skin therapy. She curates age-defying solutions and comprehensive, results-driven treatments designed to work in tandem with a vast range of cosmetic procedures boosting benefits and maintaining maximum efficacy for patients.

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