The Year of the Earth Dog

The Year of the Earth Dog

The Chinese New Year, or Feng Shui New Year, is based on the Chinese solar calendar which differs from the traditional Gregorian calendar. It’s a celebration that honors luck, energy, and fortune—and is depicted by a traditional Chinese zodiac animal sign. The year of 2018 holds the energy of the Earth Dog or Wu Xu.

Miranda’s Feng Shui consultant and friend, Anita Rosenberg, has shared her wisdom on how to harness the energy of the Earth Dog, as the auspicious year the begins.

The Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog will be a year of challenges. With change comes an opportunity for the most growth, yet you may feel stuck because of the double earth. Those who procrastinate and get lazy could potentially miss opportunities. The Dog love challenges so expect to roll up your sleeves and tackle them head on.


1.      Keep your energy level high and take charge

2.      Improve your skills and better yourself

3.      Don’t be someone who talks about things you are going to do; take action and make things happen

4.      If you can’t change yourself, change your environment

5.      You need to know what to do at the right time, timing is everything!


The twelve animal signs of the zodiac rotate cyclically in sequence, similar to the twelve horoscope signs of Western Astrology.

Those born in the year of the dog are essentially kind and caring individuals who put others before themselves. They are the most unselfish of the Animal signs. They are also endowed with permanent quality morals of integrity, honesty, and fortitude.

Chinese Metaphysics is about the balance of the elements: earth, fire, water, metal, and wood. In 2018 the element of Earth appears in the year pillar above the Dog animal sign which makes it a double earth year. This energy is like the stacking of mountains; earth over earth.

Even though Earth is strong, we can’t forget the other four elements and how they affect the year:


Earth is one of the strongest elements and represents stability, grounding and nurturing. Since Earth is immovable, it will take an earthquake or volcano to make changes in 2018.

Earth is also about accumulating stuff; make smart investments on things that grow in value. Earth energy can also be stubborn and stagnant so you want to take advantage of opportunities that come up or else you will procrastinate and be lazy or things will pass you by. Try delegating to get more done.


Fire is also strong this year so I suggest working on your social media platforms to impact others.


Wood is the third strongest element representing selling and promotion. It is also about education so take and teach more classes in 2018.


Water is weak representing profits. Remember that profits come in many forms. Internal happiness is super important in 2018.


Finally, Metal is weak representing finance and cash flow. Spend carefully and have better financial discipline.

A personal reading maps out a game plan based on your animal signs and elements, but these are the high notes for everyone.



“I have opened the portal to a more spiritual way of being in the world

and there’s no going back only forward.”

-Anita Rosenberg








Director of Destiny, Anita Rosenberg is a former filmmaker of cult classic chick flicks “Assault of the Killer Bimbos” and “Modern Girls.” She is the go-to Expert on Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology in Los Angeles, Aspen and New York City. An award-winning author and International speaker, Anita’s high-profile clients confide she is fun to work with and watches your back.



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