Diving into 2021 with Love

Diving into 2021 with Love

2020. The great unknown. Like the ocean. The gentle and still, mighty and wild pull of the tides. It was a long year of sailing through calm and rough waters, and doing our best to stay afloat. A tsunami of love and fear, light and dark, gain and loss, joy and grief, opportunity and tragedy. A year of crashing into unprecedented world shifting events that taught us the beauty of surrender, resilience, perseverance and adaptability. The rip currents of isolation, illness and loss were devastating. It was also a year of miracles. An awakening. People rising to the surface to connect and support one another, frontline workers fighting to save every life, educators keeping the foundation of learning alive and many of us raising our collective voices in unity for all to be treated equally. I prefer to dive into this side of the wave, the calm before the break, the side that reflects love, hope, connection, family, community, humanity. 

When we look ahead to what 2021 may offer, family and friend reunions, hugs with loved ones, a stronger global economy, there is a sense of hope in the air. As we move into 2021, many of us want to dive in with renewed energy, ready to accomplish our goals, while others want to gingerly tiptoe into the shallow end. Already it feels like we are swimming head first into another tidal wave. It may serve us best to ease into 2021 with grace and grit. Build ourselves up while practicing self-care. Slowly get our feet wet with empathy and compassion for the events of 2020. And do our best to transition in fully present. 

May we dive into 2021 with love. Inviting you into my top 10 lessons and blessings as we begin to test the waters of this year.


Always come back to love. Love is all that you are. Open your heart and approach everything with loving kindness. Life is fleeting and in the end all that matters is that you loved.


Breathe it ALL in. Find the beauty in all and keep breathing.


Be here now. Live fully in each moment. In the beautiful mess our collective and individual lives may be. Embrace the wisdom born out of surrender. The future is now.

Stay Healthy

Restore a deep connection to your heart, soul and mind. Come home to you. Slow down. Burn your candle at one end. Give yourself permission to stop the hustle and allow your nervous system to reset. To soften, open and flow. Get grounded. Reclaim and anchor deeply into your truest self. Create a daily ritual. A sadhana. Meditation, yoga, breathwork and keep up.

Remain Hopeful

Hold onto the magic and rebirth of every sunset and sunrise … balancing the light and the dark, like the ever changing waves of life. 

Sunset Ocean


Connect with Mother Earth however your soul desires. Put your face towards the sun – soak in that Vitamin D! Frolic in nature. Dig your hands in the dirt and plant seeds. Stroll around your neighborhood. Take a hike in nearby mountains. Swim in the ocean or river. 

Be of Service

Use your unique gifts and talents to give back. Give freely. Give as much as you can, especially to those in need. It is the most fulfilling gift.

Dance into the Unknown

Get comfortable in the in between. In the ups and downs of life. See every challenge, obstacle, conflict as the lesson. Embrace it. Meet it with vulnerability, strength and courage.

Come Together

Unite. Connect deeper with family and friends (COVID safe of course). Keep close those who you love and who love you unconditionally. Your soul connections, your lifelines, your tribe. Create a nurturing community, a safe place to land, be seen, held, and loved, where we can unravel and remember our inherent goodness and innocence. We need each other now more than ever. Become the home where others land.

Rise Up

Do the individual work to find your big voice, stand up for your values and beliefs, speak your truth and show up in the world to raise the vibration. Shift the collective consciousness until all are treated equal. May we unite and rise together, set fire to the shadows of our past, support and hold space with love and compassion until all are seen and heard. Commit to creating a future grounded in true equality  and freedom for all. 

Take the next best step. In all you do.

May 2021 bless us with deeper love, connection, compassion, vulnerability, truth, grace, beauty, faith, health, understanding, growth, belonging to help us stay afloat and swim. 

Much love, many blessings + healthy wishes,

Amy Shea is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, meditative healer, and transition coach. She also offers strategic talent guidance to nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies with a focus on social good. Amy lives in the Ojai valley where she finds joy in spending her days sharing yoga, hiking the local trails, and cooking up healing, comfort foods.

Amy brings her love and wisdom of teaching and coaching to offer heart-opening and peaceful experiences that will help connect and heal the body, mind, and soul and allow you to discover your authentic self.


* Image credit: Jesse Biltz @jessebiltz
Clothing: Alo Yoga @aloyoga.

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