A Deep Dive into Self Worth

A Deep Dive into Self Worth

I notice that the more I love myself, the more I can show up and have a positive impact. The more I can show up for you. The more I can show up for my partner, for my housemates, for strangers that I run into in the street. The greater care I am taking of myself, the greater care and energy I have to offer the world.  

When I’m not taking the time to care for myself, you’re going to feel a difference. I can fake it maybe for a moment but really, I’m not going to be able to fake it for long.

When I’m truly loving myself and truly content inside it will mirror in the way I present myself to the world. So, there’s a direct correlation to how you feel in my presence and how I feel about myself. 

How the rest of the world feels in your presence is directly related to how you feel about yourself.

Close your eyes for a moment and really take that in…

It’s important to remember this. I’m not talking about narcissism, arrogance or ego. Or feeling surface good. I am speaking about feeling truly connected, confident and content. There’s a magnetism that will in turn show to the world that I am inspired, confident, clear, and connected. From this place, a ripple effect takes place and touches every single thing that we do.

Self Worth | A Deep Dive into Self Worth | Sole Weller


What Is Self-worth?

So, let’s talk about exactly what self-love is.

I believe that self-worth is knowing that I’m a unique being, that I’m one of a kind and then honoring that. It’s holding space for myself exactly as I am. Honoring my exact needs and knowing what they are. And having the intimacy with myself to know exactly what serves me and what doesn’t.

This presents differently for everyone. It’s about taking the time to dive into your inner landscape to find your uniqueness. To get to know yourself and to understand yourself.

When I’m honoring my uniqueness, I’m therefore honoring my self-worth; and then this is how I show up to the world.  

I have greater impact when I’m loving myself in a grounded, clear way. There’s a gentle energy in that. I don’t need to prove my worth or my value. I’m calm. I’m gentle, I know who I am, I know what matters to me and I am not seeking approval or attention. And when I’m focused on being my highest self, I can be of greatest impact in the world.

That’s why I do this work. It’s not to inflate the ego, get a lover or get a raise. It’s to be of greater impact in the world. If that comes along: a raise, or a new lover, that’s great. It’s part of the magic, the fun and the playfulness of being human.

Let’s think of a couple of ways to instantly improve our self-worth and our self-love.

Please close your eyes and think about one thought; the best thought you could possibly think about yourself, right now, to instantly raise your vibration.

The most empowered thought that I have right now is that “my words are impactful,” and that “I have a lot to give and share,” and that “I’m being authentic.” When I say that I can feel that I am instantly vibrating at a higher frequency.  

I’m instantly being more impactful in opposition to the self-limiting thought of “I’m not good enough.” Or “I don’t know what I’m talking about.” Or “I’m not prepared, etc.”

A Deep Dive into Self Worth | Sole Weller

I invite you to sit for a moment and practice mental mastery: changing your vibration this second by repeating the best possibly thought you can think of several times.

And then how does that positive thought make you feel?

For me I feel empowered, I feel confident. I feel excited to share this work. I feel excited that you’re tuning in, which is so different than feeling not good enough, or whatever it is that came along with those lower vibration thoughts.  

The next thing I want you to do, is to identify a way to embody this feeling.

For me, I embody this energy with action, with movement. 

What’s something that you can do for yourself today that is healthy for you? That shows how much you love yourself; how much you honor yourself?  

Maybe it’s taking the time to read this article? For me, it was getting up this morning and going straight to the beach. I took my favorite walk and swam in my favorite spot with a girlfriend, and that is the best possible way I could start my day.

I chose to do that because I know that I’m worth it, and that my life is precious, and I enjoy taking action to embody self-love. Therefore I consistently do the things that make me feel good and raise my vibration so I can be of greatest impact in the world.

I wish this for you also.


Wellness thrives within me. Quite literally, in my bones and from my soul. Born into a yogic community in California and three decades later, yoga remains the foundation of my life. It’s my joy to share this ancient wisdom with you. Teaching yoga and meditation has taken me across the globe and filled my life with enriching experiences. I travelled with Fleetwood Mac as a part of their wellness coaching family, I trained and rehabilitated a variety of professional athletes, had the honor of leading private wellness retreats for Oprah Winfrey and teach workshops and trainings on 5 of our continents. One of my greatest passions is hosting retreats and spiritual adventures around the globe. At home, you’ll find me either on the sandy shores of Venice Beach or the lush Island of Maui. soleweller.com

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