Decoding Your Dreams

Decoding Your Dreams

We have seen a great response to our last blog posts on decoding dreams. After reading the last blogs, many of you sent in dreams that you would like assistance with decoding. Before we get into specifics there are two main things we have to remember: firstly, a dream is like an onion and there are many layers and, secondly, you are in the best position to decode your own personal dreams. We have grouped together dreams that touch on the same themes and offered some insights on how you can start decoding similar dreams yourself.

Dream About The Past

I always dream of the house I grew up and one of my friends – @norasu09

Dreams about past fears or past circumstances… failures, exams – @thepariedit

When I was younger I used to dream of my house being broken into a lot – @sarahablazi_z

I have dreams of snakes at times! I also dream that I am living in the past – @mbcrawford18

I have a lot of dreams about hills, trees, and one of my old childhood homes – @amynatasha88

We often find ourselves revisiting our past in our dreams for a number of reasons. Usually, it is because the past represents a much simpler time when things weren’t so complicated. There’s also a desire to return to a time where we were younger, freer, healthier and were less burdened by responsibilities. These are excellent dreams that give us an opportunity for escapism, like having a holiday at a time and a place that allows us to recharge and regenerate.

Another common setting for dreams is our childhood homes. If you’re dreaming of a break-in scenario or have a disconcerting feeling when you are revisiting your childhood home consider whether that is related to a feeling that is occurring in the present. If your childhood home was broken into or was made to feel unsafe, or you to feel unsafe in it at any point during your childhood then it may have manifested itself in a dream. If these dreams follow you into adulthood, it’s important that you discuss them with a professional.

When dreaming of any situations that require us to visit the past, upon waking repeat this beautiful affirmation: the past is history, the future is a mystery, the present is a gift!

Dream About Nature & Animals

In my dreams I shapeshift into other people/animals. – @a_corrigan

‘I often dream of me living on a hillside.’ – @beninaruth

One of the most beneficial aspects of dreaming is that you can take a virtual holiday during the night. We often dream of travelling to a place in nature, places that are a long way from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You may see a variety of animals as you travel through the natural environments of your dreams and that is to be expected. Upon waking, make a note of the animals you see, the emotion you felt when you saw them and how those particular animals relate to your current situation. For example, a snake could mean that you are going through a very meaningful transformation like a snake which sheds its skin, leaves it behind and slithers on feeling all brand new. Elephants may indicate that you may need to be less sensitive and grow a thicker skin. Birds can symbolise a desire to get a better perspective on your situation, to see a bird’s eye view of what’s really going on around you. Similarly, if you see yourself on a hillside or mountains, it could be an indication that you want to get yourself to higher ground and elevate yourself to a higher wisdom.

Dream About The Apocalypse

Really vivid dream about a volcano erupting – @didi_principessa

Apocalyptic flood ending with me and my cat on the roof of my house as survivors – @lucyjane2018

I used to have reoccurring dreams that the world was ending. Floods, earthquakes and alien invasions – @keniarosemary

At this particular moment in history, it is very common to have dreams of cataclysms, pandemics or apocalypses. Even though these scenarios make us feel uneasy they have a positive side, it is healthy to be releasing our worst fears through our dreams. These particular dreams are an encouragement for us to be more mindful around our safety, more careful with our health and more appreciative of the fact that we have choices in our life. It’s interesting that one of you saw a cat on the roof. Cats are great symbols as they always land on their feet and they have nine lives.

Dream About Car Crashes

An old friend died and visits me in my dreams. I feel his energy/we talk – @keakwellness

Consider that you are the car in your dream and you may feel that your life is moving too quickly and you are losing control of your decision making abilities. Anyone dreaming of their own car should consider whether the car is a representation of themselves. Take time to recall, was the car in good repair, did it need a wash and polish, was it going too fast or too slow and who was in the driver’s seat?

Dream About Death

I constantly dreamt that I couldn’t stop my car on the freeway and it was going faster – @mary.zaitsev

Most inspirational and accurate mediums have often stated that one of the most common times for communications with our dearly departed is while we dream. It seems that our dream state at night and the energy of departed friends who have crossed over often align themselves while we dream. It’s a wonderful feeling to hang out with our loved ones once again.

Dream About Being Chased Or Falling

That I am being chased by someone or something and suddenly can barely move – @marntessoni

When you’re falling in a dream and you actually feel it – @thesetwocheekycuties

These two types of dreams have been explained extensively in our recent blog post. To read more about these common dreams, head here. We didn’t fully cover the sensation of paralysis in a dream but it’s normal to have this sensation. The feeling of being frozen is what keeps us in bed or we would all be in danger or jumping out of bed and acting out the scenarios in our dreams.

Dream on, my friends,

Leon Nacson

Leon Nacson is the Managing Director of Hay House Australia. He is the author of a number of books that specialise in dream decoding. Leon regularly contributes to international magazines, radio programs, television shows and podcasts. Leon’s work in the field of dream interpretation and decoding are personal hypotheses that have been critiqued by his audience for over 50 years. His current International Bestseller, A Stream of Dreams has been translated into four languages.

*Leon Nacson does not dispense medical advice or other professional advice or prescribe the use of any techniques as a form of diagnosis. Readers should consult their own health advisors for professional advice. His intent is only to offer information of an anecdotal and general nature.

Leon Nacson

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    This is so interesting! Also many type of complementary therapy Ask about dreams, because they as the article says, can give such an insight into what is going on at present, as well as a persons constitution and personality. Would love to hear more on this!!


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