Danielle Snyder’s Motherhood Journey

Danielle Snyder’s Motherhood Journey

Our Founder & CEO, Miranda Kerr, caught up with Co-Founder and Creative Director of Dannijo, Danielle Snyder, to learn about her journey as a new mom. Having given birth to her baby girl, Lou Sienna, in November, Danielle shares the joy of being a new mom and why she trusts KORA Organics to support her skin during and post pregnancy. Read below for Danielle’s one on one interview with Miranda.

Q: How does it feel to be a new mom?

A: Exhilarating, surreal, exhausting and like my heart bursted open for this magical little creature. It’s indescribable and nothing short of a miracle. 

Q: Have you always used clean beauty products or did you recently pivot when you found out you were pregnant?

A: I definitely started to pay more attention to my skincare ritual once I got pregnant. That’s when I discovered KORA Organics. I was concerned with what skincare I was using, because what you put on your skin soaks into the blood stream. Understandably, I wanted to expose my baby to nothing but healthy, good ingredients. After researching various skincare brands, I felt most comfortable with KORA Organics. The results I’ve received from KORA have been so nourishing and powerful, I will continue to use KORA to support my skin as a new mom.

Q: How has KORA Organics supported your journey?

A: While pregnant, I loved to use the Pregnancy Essentials! The Noni Glow Body Balm was amazing for my belly and pairs beautifully with the Noni Glow Body Oil and Enriched Body Lotion. This trio kept my skin hydrated and glowing throughout the duration of my pregnancy and most importantly, I was comfortable knowing I wasn’t exposing myself or my baby to harmful chemicals!

Danielle Snyder applying the Noni Glow Body Balm and Noni Glow Body Oil
Danielle Snyder applying the Noni Glow Body Balm
Danielle Snyder applying the Noni Glow Body Oil

Q: How did you practice self-care while pregnant and how will these practices braid into your role as a new mom?

A: When I was pregnant, I had to listen to my body and slow down. I took a more relaxed approach and was less type A than I usually am. I launched boxerina.fit during COVID around the time I found out I was pregnant, so it’s been really rewarding to create a prenatal series in real time and to celebrate moving through beauty and finding strength in stillness while pregnant. These beautiful meditative movements will continue to inspire my role as a new mom.

Q: What advice would you give expecting mothers interested in clean beauty?

A: Find what products work for you and enjoy them! Pregnancy can be filled with lots of judgement (both from yourself and those surrounding you) and it’s important to lean into whatever self-care rituals make you feel good. It’s so important for you and your baby. 


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