Crystals 101

Crystals 101

Wellness expert, Kelsey Patel, gives us the 101 run-down on crystals – from different types and shapes to their meaning and how they can be used!

Crystals (aka stones, gems or healing minerals) have been used and incorporated as part of our society for a very long time. Centuries ago, they were considered precious jewels and supportive in facilitating healing. Some sites even suggest they were used as far back as 6,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians are believed to be among the first to adorn themselves with crystals like carnelian and turquoise to ward off illness and negative energy.

While many people feel familiar with certain stones and gems, many people are unaware of the incredible healing and beneficial components these beautiful, helpful crystals have inside of them. This piece is intended to provide a basic understanding of crystals and how you can start to use and select the stones that are right for you, knowing the crystals are eager to be used and tapped into for their deep and powerful energy and the perfect stone will find you, just as much as you will find it.

The basics:

Crystals are part of the mineral or crystal kingdom and just like we, as humans, are part of the animal kingdom, these stones are filled with matter and energy.

If you were to say place your hand on something synthetic for several minutes, the temperature of that item would most likely not change at all (think of a very basic, plain carpet). When something has an energetic vibration and is composed of living matter, it will in fact interact with another vibration and together, both energies will shift through the connection. In contrast to something synthetic, if you were to place a small crystal into your hand and hold it for five minutes, you might not only feel an energy in your hand, but the stone would likely turn warm after being in contact with you for several minutes. That is an energetic exchange between two energy sources.

How to work with crystals:

Crystals are very wonderful allies and can be used as much or as little as you desire. Some of the most common ways people work with crystals is to have around your home, office, purse or any preferred space for them to work and co-create magic with you. The more you connect with your crystal by touching it, speaking or meditating with it, honoring its beauty or just even acknowledging and appreciating its presence, the more it can support you in manifesting, clearing, healing and creating. I love holding my small crystals in my hands during a meditation or important meeting or while traveling. In my home, I have some larger crystals and love feeling their presence in the space. While they are too big for me to pick up or carry, I’ll touch them, set my intentions with them, ask for their support with something I may be working through. You can also write your intentions for the support of the stone and place it somewhere that you can set the stone on each day to ignite and initiate the creative energy together.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t do anything with your crystal, its properties and energy will still remain and it can support you just by being in your presence.

If you’re new to working with these tools, I’ve outlined a few of my favorite crystals, sharing what they’re helpful for and how you can tap into them and begin using them in your life now.

Getting started with your first crystals:

Often people will ask me how to pick the right stone. The truth is there is no right or wrong way for you to pick one so long as you feel aligned and good about the selection. I’ll often tell people to go into a store and use their intuition to guide them to the right stone before they even know what it means or what it’s typically used for. That way both the stone and you can find one another. You can also do some seeking and look for a stone that is known for supporting certain elements if you’re in a specific place in your life and looking for a specific type of support.

People also ask about cleaning or clearing their crystals. There are several ways and a few of my favorites are to place them outside under a full moon to clear the energy; you can also place them under water (make sure to inquire about your crystal as certain types don’t like the water); use sage, Palo Santo or incense to clear the energy or a kyanite wand to clear their vibrations.

Clear Quartz: one of the most common, popular and powerful crystals in the kingdom. Great for clearing and releasing any unwanted or stagnant energy and supportive of moving the energy and space for clarity and new creations. Because clear quartz is a more neutral stone, it can also help amplify or support generating or expanding one’s energy or projects as well. 

Amethyst: considered the caviar of the amethyst kingdom due to the richness of color and the depth of the stone. Amethyst is the meditator stone; it assists in connecting to one’s higher self, opening the gateways to one’s personal experience of their spirituality and growth. Creates balance and harmony both in self and in environment and space. Wonderful for assisting in facing and healing addictions and a wonderful ally and creates a great synergy with rose quartz. 

Rose Quartz: the stone of love and emotional healing. Assists in feeling one’s feelings with permission and support. Receiving self-love, allowing love to change you. Also known as a bubble bath of love.

Citrine: is the stone of abundance. It is the abundance of self, love and connection. Citrine is a wonderful manifestor that assists in lifting one’s resonance beyond negativity into abundance and the land of plenty.

Aventurine: is a wonderful heart stone. It is a mica-based mineral in quartz. It invites one to open their heart and to follow their heart’s desire with joy and courage. It’s also known for abundance because when one is following their heart’s desires, abundance can easily be made manifest. 

The magic of the crystal shape:

There are many shapes and intentions for the energy brought forth with certain shapes of crystals. Here are just a couple of my favorites.

Spheres speak to the energy of wholeness and creating a sense of holistic resonance for one’s self and one’s environment. The circle shape brings forth integration and expansion as the connection to the universe of abundance and flow and unity.

tower or point shape can generate energy. The shape of the generator allows it to act like one and generate the energy if one is willing to ask for help and then receive it.

A flame shape speaks to energy movement, flow and getting out of one’s own way so the light within may be free and open to its fullest expression.

Whichever shape or type of crystal you choose, remember there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Use your intuition and you will find the stone for you. 

Kelsey xx

Kelsey Patel is one of Hollywood’s leading wellness and reiki experts.  She is not only a sought after spiritual empowerment coach, yoga teacher, reiki healer and meditation teacher, but also a multi-faceted entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, who has just written her first book, Burning Bright.

Her own life story is a part of her public and private workshops and international retreats. Kelsey is known for her ability to connect with all types of audiences in a real, authentic and uplifting way. Her mission is to inspire human beings and give them the tools to relate and connect to their own best self and live life in a purposeful, fun and balanced way. Kelsey’s workshops, classes and self-empowerment tools are a constant in clients’ daily lives, allowing them to take their intentions and goals to the next level.

*Photos courtesy of Molly + Co Photography.


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