Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids

When I found myself reaching for 3 or 4 Crystals at once, wanting and needing all their energies together, I knew it was time for me to use a Crystal Grid. 

When using a combination of Crystals on particular pattens it’s known as Sacred Geometry. The Crystals amplify, helping to manifest your Dreams, Ambitions and Life goals. 

Sacred Geometry is regarded “The Blue Print of Creation” 

I like to create these ‘Crystal Grids’ leading up to a New Moon as this is the best time for Intentions and Manifesting. 

Elements of a Crystal Grid

Crystal Grids are composed of 5 major parts 

1. The Focus Stone

Choose a crystal that symbolises your main intention, place this stone in the centre of your grid to direct energy to the outer crystals, write on a piece of paper your intentions and place underneath. 

For example – write, I open myself to abundance in all areas of life, put the paper under a Citrine crystal. 

2. The Way Stones

Surround the Focus Stone with crystals to bring their own vibration, adding to the flow of the grid. 

For example – to enhance abundance, use six Green Aventurine. 

3. The Desire Stones

These are the outmost stones on a crystal grid, they shape the entire grid, energy will flow to fulfil the desired outcome.

For example – 4 Malachite Crystals will bring the intention of abundance together. 

Crystal Grids
Crystal Grids

4. The Path

These are the lines connecting each crystal with the geometric shapes, starting with the Focus Stone flowing through the Way Stones, on to the Desire Stones connecting them all to achieve our desires. 

You will come across a variety of Geometric Bases, Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Metatrons Cube and Golden Spiral to name a few. It is said that these Geometric pattens are used to design and construct places of worship, sacred and intentional spaces. Don’t feel like you need to put a crystal on every pattern on the grids, just a handful can be very effective. 

5. You

You are the last part of the grid. Take positive actions towards your goals. Meditate in front of your crystal grid every day, each time you walk past it, remember the words written under your Focus Stone. 


The more you work with these grids you will learn that there are many ways for Placements to Heal, Find Peace, For Health and Vitality, Love and much more. 

Live with Intention 



Kylie Wells
Kylie has been in the Beauty Industry for over 21 years. Her career has taken her all over the world, on land and at sea. Still to this day beauty therapy is her passion, mixing old ancient remedies with new evolved techniques and technology. Kylie is always learning. Kylie is known for her healing hands. She thrives on working the Meraki way, using soul, creativity, passion and love in each and every treatment leaving a part of herself to every client. Working on intuition, she works from various spaces on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and also in the comfort of your own home. @kylie_wells_beauty

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