Creating Your Own Sacred Meditation Space At Home

Creating Your Own Sacred Meditation Space At Home

Updated on 30th June 2020 at 11:02 am

Having a space in your home where you can sit and find peace is helpful and important. If you have a family or housemates you are living with, it may be hard to find a place to be alone and meditate, to have the peace and silence you desire. Therefore, it is helpful to have guidance that inspires you to find that special place where you can rejuvenate. I have created a simple step guide to setting up a special space to invite more peace and quiet into your home.

1. Dedicate a space

Dedicate a corner or space in a room in your home to decorate with shared items like pictures, flowers, spiritual relics, stones, and anything else special to you.  Make sure to pick a place with nice natural light and for extra significance you can consult the art of feng shui. 

Really, you can create altars and sacred spaces anywhere throughout your home – window sills, bedrooms, living rooms and outside as well. These spaces do not have to be large, they can be simple and small like the corner of a bedroom or under a small tree if you have an outdoor area. 

Creating a sacred meditation Space at home

2. Decorate your space

Once you’ve chosen a place – add a small table or even a stool. I have a bookshelf with two center blocks I made into a table for my altar, so get creative with this one. Once the table is in place, you can begin to add the decorations for your altar like the ones I have listed above.

I suggest creating a ritual around this by playing mantra or other relaxing music as you place these personal, sacred objects down with intention. Some of the mantra music I am enjoying is Gobinday Mukunday by Jai Chand & Grayson. This Mantra is an Ashtang Mantra, which has 8 beats, similar to our heart beat.  It cuts through negativity and helps to elevate any situation.

3. Clearing the energy of your home and space

You can use a candle, palo santo and incense or sage to light and clear the space of un-wanted energy.  I personally love using all three along with lighting a candle for inspiration. 

4. Keep the area clean and tidy

Just as our home may have multiple rooms so does our mind. We clean our spaces to support our energy just as we mediate to support a clear mind. The mind has a way of compartmentalizing things and sometimes those things get tucked away, thus clutter in our homes can provoke clutter in the mind.

If you don’t get time every week to clean your home, let your Sacred Meditation Space and altar be the one exception.  Keeping this area clean and beautiful will invite you to sit daily.

One way someone once described an altar or Sacred Space to me was “your altar is the stairway to heaven”.  I never forgot that and believe it to be true. 

Wherever you decide to place your sacred meditation space, let it always be a reminder of inspiration, mindfulness, meditation, prayer and gratitude. 

Onkar xx

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Onkar is a Kundalini yoga student, teacher, and meditative healer. She is Level 1 & 2 certified, a level 1 Satnam Rasayan healer and the founder of HEAL REVIVE – an online platform of support for bringing spiritual ritualism into our everyday lives.

Onkar brings her love and wisdom of teaching and meditation experience to create powerful 40-day programs that help to heal the mind, body and soul. Known for her approachable methods for accessing the technology of Kundalini Yoga she has brought this accessibility to the masses as a frequent contributor to mainstream publications and wellness brands. She finds the greatest joy in life being a mother, wife and teacher.

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